Contribute Now to Stop Republicans From Redistricting Utah

by Orin Leonard

It doesn’t matter how many seats we win in congress if we don’t have control of the state Legislatures, since the republicans can now redistrict at will based on a recent supreme court rulings. The only way to protect these seats is to have control of the state legislatures and the only way to do that is if you donate to State candidates, which sadly no one seems to be doing, protect the Gains we are going to make in congress this year Donate to your state candidate they need the money as much as the congressional canidates now more than ever

Image of Kim Christison

Kim Christison


Fifty-four years ago I was standing in the kitchen with my dad listening to the election night returns of the presidential race between Senator Adali Stevenson and General Dwight D. Eisenhower. There stood dad, six-feet two, decked out in his Highway Patrol uniform, shiny boots, shiny badge—he must be General Eisenhower I thought.

The little red Truetone radio crackled and sputtered as I was trying to make sense of what all those distant voices were saying. It was important and it had something to do with Democrats and Republicans. Man to man, looking dad straight in the eye I asked, “What’s the difference between a Democrat and a Republican?” Dad’s answer was quick and unequivocal: “Under Republicans,” he said, “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Under the Democrats, everybody has a chance. Now son, I’ve got to get to work.” If asked today what’s the difference between a Democrat and a Republican I would say, as certainly as did my dad, “Under Republicans, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Under the Democrats, everybody has a chance. Now, I’ve got to get to work.”

We Democrats often refer to ourselves as the “little guys,”—and gals thank you. The little guys and gals are the farmers, the miners, the police officers, the firefighters, the veterans, the small business owners, the nurses, struggling students, municipal workers, custodians, librarians, teachers, homemakers…the very gears on which this country turns and without whom it would come to a grinding, screeching halt. Little guys and little gals? I don’t think so. But if they are I’m proud, mighty proud, to be among them.

I’m not running against anyone or anything. We, collectively, are running, for the voice of Democrats to be heard, loud and clear and unafraid. That means we are running for a real, honest-to-goodness, two-party system that works, really works. We’re running for all of the people of District 68 and people who value democratic principles everywhere. That means we’re running for the marginalized, disenfranchised, and discouraged. Who are they? They’re our next door neighbors: the poor, the elderly, single mothers and fathers, veterans, the unemployed who want to work, those who hold diverse religious beliefs, those of diverse ethnicities and color, and those who suffer prejudice, for whatever reason, at the hands of a disengaged and unresponsive majority. We have a choice…and a chance!

Image of Emily Bingham Hollingshead

Emily Bingham Hollingshead


I am running against a tradition of “good ole boys” in the republican party representing Southern Utah. If elected to the Utah Senate, I will be the first woman ever to represent Southern Utah, both in the legislature and the senate.

A contribution to Emily for Utah Senate is a clear message that we are tired of “business as usual” and that we truly want to elect individuals who will be a real voice for Utah.

Ian Spencer


Utah currently faces many challenges that I feel need to be dealt with in a reasoned and logical manner. The issues dealing with education, tax policy, health care, programs to assist the needy, disabled and elderly – all of these need more than a knee-jerk partisan reaction. Good governance requires many different points of view and sensible discourse to arrive at workable solutions. For too long, Utah has had one-party rule which does not engender this sort of exchange of ideas. All people deserve a voice in government.

I feel that on many of these issues a more reasonable, less partisan approach to solutions is needed.

Image of Beth Holbrook

Beth Holbrook


Beth has a strong chance of delivering this seat in the coming election. This is an open seat formerly held by a moderate Republican; furthermore Republicans are showing strong support for Beth as they support her positions on public education and transportation needs. Her opponent has not shown any signs of campaigning and prefers to run on his party title alone, this will be countered by a door to door campaign that will have either Beth or a representative talking to each and every house hold in the district at least once. There has been strong growth in Beth’s district, specifically on the West Side of the valley, these are new voters and will vote Democratic so long as the campaign has the resources to register them. A strong grassroots campaign will deliverer District 20.

Image of Jay Seegmiller

Jay Seegmiller


am running against Utah’s current Speaker of the House. I ran two years ago against the same person and I came very close to winning, I only needed 3% more of the vote. This was despite the fact that my opponent raised $80,000 (all from corporate and Land Developers) and I only raised $18,000 (none from corporate contributors).

When I am elected, I will work to bring open and honest representation of our district to the hill. My major issues are ethics reform, education, living wage jobs, healthcare and fair taxation.

This will be a close race and your help will make a difference. Your contribution of $25, $50 or $100 will go a long way to help my campaign, but any contribution will be greatly appreciated. My opponent is expected to raise well over $100,000.00.

Your contributions of time and/or dollars will help to reach the 25,000 residents in district 49:

$10 buys three yard signs $25 purchases 30-second phone messages to 500 constituents, $100 pays for 750 door hangers $500 covers printing and mailing to 1800 constituents,

If you would like to volunteer, please visit my web site:

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