Contribute Now to Stop Republican Redistricting Texas

by Orin Leonard

It doesn’t matter how many seats we win in congress if we don’t have control of the state Legislatures, since the republicans can now redistrict at will based on a recent supreme court rulings. The only way to protect these seats is to have control of the state legislatures and the only way to do that is if you donate to State candidates, which sadly no one seems to be doing, protect the Gains we are going to make in congress this year Donate to your state candidate they need the money as much as the congressional canidates now more than ever. You know this can happen because it has already happened in Texas before at the hands of Tom Delay


Borris Miles


Chad Khan


Sherrie Matula


Sherrie Matula is a retired educator who will work for students and teachers in the State Legislature. For too long people who know NOTHING about education have been making education policy for the state of Texas. The result has been total chaos. Sherrie knows education from the inside out. She will work to enact education reforms that are truly reforms. For many years, Austin has been giving us empty promises parading as education policies. It is time to change that. Sherrie will work for common-sense, student-centered policies. She will listen to the people of District 129. She has given her life to the students of Texas, and as a State Rep. she will continue to work FOR THE FUTURE OF TEXAS

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