Contribute Now to Stop Republicans From Redistricting Iowa

by Orin Leonard

It doesn’t matter how many seats we win in congress if we don’t have control of the state Legislatures, since the republicans can now redistrict at will based on a recent supreme court rulings. The only way to protect these seats is to have control of the state legislatures and the only way to do that is if you donate to State candidates, which sadly no one seems to be doing, protect the Gains we are going to make in congress this year Donate to your state candidate they need the money as much as the congressional canidates now more than ever

Eric Palmer


Eric Palmer is a strong Democratic committed to the ideals of equal opportunity for all, access to quality health care, and a passionate belief in politics being for the people – not the special interests. State House races in Iowa are very important for building the base of Democratic populism necessary for victory in 2008 and beyond. Please support Eric Palmer with a contribution. His website is here.