Contribute Now to Stop Republicans from Redistricting Wisconsin

by Orin Leonard

It doesn't matter how many seats we win in congress if we don't have control of the state Legislatures, since the republicans can now redistrict at will based on a recent supreme court rulings. The only way to protect these seats is to have control of the state legislatures and the only way to do that is if you donate to State candidates, which sadly no one seems to be doing, protect the Gains we are going to make in congress this year Donate to your state candidate they need the money as much as the congressional canidates now more than ever.

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Dan Aude


Leadership requires making tough decision, and an honest effort to do the right thing. Please make a contribution to this critical cause.

Jim Soletski


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Kelly Parrson


Hello my name is Kelly S. Parrson, I’m a Physician Assitant in the state of Wisconsin. I’m an injured Iraqi Veteran and a past firerfighter paramedic. I’m not a professional poiltican.

You may read this and see some misspelled words, a period, or comma in the wrong place, if that’s what your looking for in a candidate, STOP NOW!

I’m running because OUR State and Country is moving in the wrong direction and it must be stopped. Each and every one of us, from the unempolyed to the Elite need to wake up and smell the coffee. We have gone from a friendly country to one of a paranoid society; when a citizen can not even talk on a phone by the water fountain or type on their own home or work computer without being watched. A country where the carrying of a concealed weapon is more important then the health and education of OUR childern. Where unempolyment now comes in every shape, size, and postion, no one is safe. A country where outsourcing is an every day event.

Somewhere we have gone from a caring nation, to one of materilistic views and needs. Why? Why is that? Because we, the lonely individual has lost faith in our leaders and have gave up. No one votes. No one cares. It is time that all the working class stand up and be heard! I want to be your voice, let us stand up against the “Giant Corparation” that has turned us from the U.S.A. to the U.S.A. INC. Lets bring him down and rebuild with the power of the people, let us bring GOVERNMENT back to the people. Make a choice vote for a change. Vote for Parrson come September 12 and November 7th. Let us become a country of neighbors who know by each others first names, let us become a country of what OUR fore Fathers Dreamed of. Make it happen, it is YOUR choice.

Thank You For Letting Me Have the Privilege of Serving and Fighting for

Ame Grail


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