Contribute Now to Stop Republicans from Redistricting Indiana

by Orin Leonard

It doesn’t matter how many seats we win in congress if we don’t have control of the state Legislatures, since the republicans can now redistrict at will based on a recent supreme court rulings. The only way to protect these seats is to have control of the state legislatures and the only way to do that is if you donate to State candidates, which sadly no one seems to be doing, protect the Gains we are going to make in congress this year Donate to your state candidate they need the money as much as the congressional canidates now more than ever

David Sadler


Ron Herrell


Ron Herrell has heard up close the sounds of warfare, raging fires, and of plows farming Hoosier land. When we’ve needed a citizen soldier, families have counted on Ron to serve—as a medic in the Army’s 377th Medivac Unit in Korea; as a firefighter and arson investigator; living on the land of Howard County as a corn and soybean farmer and singing in his church choir.

Now Ron wants to continue his leadership for Kokomo in the Indiana House, where he served from 1998 to 2004. The Kokomo Tribune called his appointment to the powerful Ways and Means Committee in 2000 “good for Kokomo,” and very quickly Ron was effective in making state government work for us again.

He delivered hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund such local projects as baseball diamonds, fire station repairs, cleaning the Wildcat Creek, and the Howard County Veterans’ Memorial.

All the while, Herrell’s common sense leadership, straight from the heart, proved to make a mark on Indiana. He authored the legislation that put photographs of child molesters on the Internet to protect children from online sex offenders and has worked to enact stiffer penalties for those who prey on our youngest citizens. He wrote legislation expanding credits and degree opportunities at Ivy Tech. Drawing on his twenty-seven years of firefighter roots, he also worked to expand the ability for fire departments to recover the cost of hazardous material cleanup sites, saving taxpayers thousands.

Married to Jan for 33 years, Ron is the father of two: Amy, married to Travis with a son, Eli; and Ryan, married to Dawn with three sons, Challen, Braden, and Wyatt. The Herrells attend the First Baptist Church of Kokomo.

He received an Associate’s Degree from Indiana University in Kokomo and was selected in 2004 as their Alumni of the Year because he “stayed in the area, using his education to give back to the community, helping it grow and prosper.” It is Ron’s “genuine affection for people that makes him so effective.”

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Greg Marchant


An uphill battle can be won with enough people pulling for you. This race is about replacing the years of status quo rubber stamp politics with ideas and true representation. I need your help to have a voice. I need your help to make a difference. The education of the children of our state depends on your help. The development of progressive ideas in Indiana depends on your help. Thank you for making a difference.

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