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by Danny Stover

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Danny Stover


I have spent over thirty years as an educator and elected public servant and never in those thirty years has this nation been faced with such a convergence of challenges destined to determine our affluence, international influence and freedoms for generations to come. Unfortunately many of those challenges were chosen forus by the current administration and their Republican minions in Congress. With an elective war in Iraq, an attempt to redefone the word torture, encroachments on our civil liberties at home, and tax cuts for the rich, this administration in concert with John Shimkus and other Republicans in congress have set this nation on a course of economic and moral decline with attacks on our values, our bank accounts, and our constitution.

They have set out to destroy international alliances forged over the generations in the blood of our nation's heroes. Alliances with nations that share our values and historically looked to the United States as an example of freedom, democracy and human rights. The United States now finds itself in the very unusual position, for the first time, of defending itself not only from terrorists on the battlefield who seek to take our freedoms and destroy our way of life, but also in the halls of governments, campuses, coffee shops and the hearts and minds of our friends around the world.

That is why I would like to take this opportunity to ask you for your help. Unfortunately it takes a lot of money to run for Congress and as President Bush's representative in southern Illinois, John Shimkus, has a lot of it. For me to be successful in taking the Illinois 19th district seat back for the people of southern Illinois I would like to ask you contribute to our common cause and donate what ever you can afford. I understand that times are tough, but with each contribution we get stronger and a little closer to sending a true representative of the people of southern Illinois to congress and sending John Shimkus home.

Thanks, Danny Stover, Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, Illinois 19th District