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by Sue Castner


Image of Paul Evans

Paul Evans


I believe candidates with strong, sound stances deserve our support, and this is a race where your dollars can make the difference.

Oregon's Paul Evans, Oregon State Senate candidate, is one of those guys who counts. As a major serving in the OR Air National Guard, he has already served in Iraq and will be deployed AGAIN on November 5th. TWO DAYS BEFORE ELECTION DAY. He is most likely to be the only US candidate running for office who will be on active duty in the Middle East on election day.

While some of us, myself included, were selfishly thinking of where we're going for the holidays, Evans will be with his unit in the Middle East, working to keep soldiers safe. In Paul's words "When my commander said I was needed, there was no question of whether or not I would go. Duty calls."

Paul is one of the good guys. He walks the talk. And he needs your help. If you can contribute at all - in any amount - please do.

Ted Kulongoski


I've known Governor Kulongoski for over a decade. Ted has been a dedicated public servant for 30 years, serving in the OR House and Senate, as Insurance Commissioner and Attorney General. As Governor, this former Marine (there is no such thing as an ex-Marine) has created 120,000 new jobs, shut down 70% of OR's small meth labs, and brought health coverage to more than 30,000 kids. Governor Kulongoski will continue to protect a woman's right to choose. For these and so many other reasons, Governor Kulongoski deserves your support for a second term.

Image of Tammy Duckworth

Tammy Duckworth


If anyone's campaign can be singled out as the picture perfect "be very afraid" tactics of the Republican Party, the Illinois District 6 congressional race is the campaign.

Tammy Duckworth holds the rank of Major in the Illinois Army National Guard. Duckworth became a helicopter pilot because it was one of the only combat jobs available to women. She was co-piloting a Black Hawk helicopter in Iraq in 2004 when a rocket-propelled grenade struck the cockpit. Even though the explosion cost her both her legs, she worked to safely land her aircraft, thinking only of protecting her crew.

Duckworth's military service and her recovery from her injuries clearly demonstrate her strength, her courage, and her sense of optimism. Now, does that qualify her to serve as a US Congressman? No. What DOES qualify her for this seat is her integrity, her committment, her honesty, and her unfailing belief that things need to change in Washington DC.

As expected, her Republican opposition is trying to pull the last minute end run around the truth, distorting Tammy's record and scaring seniors with lies. Don't let Roskam distance himself from his RNC roots. This woman has given more for her country than all the stuffed-shirts masquerading as patriots.

If you can give until it hurts, please do so. Because Duckworth already has.

Image of Harry Mitchell

Harry Mitchell


Harry Mitchell has always been a Democrat's Democrat in the EXTREMELY red state of Arizona. And with Harry Mitchell, AZ finally has the ability to have real "representation" instead of the partisan "bully," J.D. Hayworth. That's not my assessment. That comes directly from the Arizona Republic's endorsement of Harry Mitchell.

With his impressive public service resume - as city council member, Mayor of Tempe, and State Senator, Harry has a proven record as a concensus builder who believes in results. Wouldn't THAT be a change from J.D., described in the AZ Repubublic as "bombastic" and "obnoxious." They may be great adjectives for a professional wrestler but NOT as your Congressman.

Show that you're wild about Harry and contribute today.

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