Contribute Now to We need your support now more than ever!

by Sunny Schwartz


Dear Friends, Family and Collegues: I rarely ask you to contribute your hard working dollars, however this is the time we need your help more than ever and I cannot sit silent. Prop 8 if passed will amend the constitution to ban same sex marriage! This hateful campaign is winning in the polls-This is breaking our hearts, however we have a good chance to turn this around! The Mormon church from Utah has given our opponents millions of dollars to keep us from marrying and as a result of their contributions they have out spent us by 2 -1! With your help and with 13 days left, we absolutely can turn the tide and bring civility back for all of us!

Please donate anything--there is no such thing as too little of a donation--every nickel counts--Please think of us and help us keep our fundamental rights!

And if you live in California or know someone who does --remember NO NO NO on Proposition 8!

Thank you

Equality for All