Contribute Now to I Support ActBlue

by The ActBlue Team


At ActBlue, we work every day to build the best online fundraising tools possible for Democrats and progressives around the country, all at no cost to the campaigns and organizations who use them.

That’s because we believe in Democratic causes, and we want to ensure that every organization and candidate, no matter their size, has the tools they need to win, and every supporter has a chance to make their voice heard.

More and more candidates, committees, and organizations are signing up every day. That means more work for our tech and political teams and more servers to keep it all going until Election Day and beyond.

Meanwhile, we’re already building the next generation of our tools so we can ensure Democrats and progressives have a big impact on the future of our country. And it’s all fueled by donors just like you. Together, we’re building a movement.

Can you join us and chip in $10 a month so we can continue to provide our tools for free and build the next generation of fundraising technology?

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