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The Citizens United Supreme Court decision has changed the way we run elections in this country, allowing billionaires to secretly finance so-called "Super PACs" and empowering big corporations and Wall Street like never before.

The attacks that we saw in 2010 were just the beginning. Any candidate who challenges Wall Street's status quo is going to come under an avalanche of hateful attack ads this year -- and no candidate is going to come under greater attack than Elizabeth Warren.

Real financial regulation that protects consumers and restores fairness to our economic playing field starts when leaders with a backbone stand up to corporate interests in Washington and from state to state.

And that’s why we need leaders like Elizabeth Warren fighting in the Senate come November.

Join us in supporting Elizabeth Warren -- Please contribute as generously as you can right now.

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Elizabeth Warren


Elizabeth Warren is a fighter and truth-teller. She's spent her life fighting for the middle class and she needs our help to beat Republican Scott Brown and get Washington working for regular folks again.

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