Contribute Now to Political Muscle with SMARTS is NOT DEAD

by Tracey


Thank you!

Majority in legislature, we have the Presidency and STILL these ppl we elect fall under the pressure of lobbyists?? When will´╗┐ our votes MATTER? When Mr. Grayson speaks I feel like my vote matters; I feel like I just got back my VOTE.

Lately, I've been depressed due to the political climate of obscurity in this country. My depression has been subsiding since Wednesday. Your show of political might and hope deepens my sense of pride in this country. The feeling of "they DOOOO exist" keeps reverberating through my being.

You should be applauded. Do not doubt for one tenth of a second that you've been sounding off responsibly. There are a lot of people out here who neeeeeeeeeed to believe that YES, political correctness must cower to TRUTHS!!!!

Thank you SIR

Image of Alan Grayson (2010)

Alan Grayson (2010)