Contribute Now to Take Back Our Country - Phase 2008

by Donna Middlehurst

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On to the next phase: 2008.

Although it may seem early, fund-raising at this stage is very important, particularly to new candidates.

I'm delighted that Andrew Duck is again seeking to turn MD-06 Blue. I volunteered for Andrew's campaign in 2006 and witnessed his energy and commitment. With your support, he can do it. Please give.

Carol Shea-Porter (NH-1) and Paul Hodes (NH-02) are Democrats who took over Republican seats last fall, and are on the Republican "hit list." Early fund-raising will help them tremendously. Dollars go particularly far in New Hampshire.

Tom Allen is challenging Maine's Republican Senator Susan Collins, whose BFF is Joe Lieberman. Need one say more?

Rick Noriega needs our support to remove John "Box Turtle" Cornyn from the Senate. Texas Democrats are excited about Rick and his chances of knocking off one of the current embarrassments in the Senate. Won't you feel great when Rick wins and you can say you helped make it possible!!!

Mark Pera is challenging an incumbent "Blue Dog" Democrat in IL-03. As this session of Congress has shown, just because an individual has a "D" next to his name doesn't mean he/she votes progressively. Read about Mark & you'll agree we need him to show Blue Dog Lipinski the door!

Thanks, and let's get busy.

Image of Andrew Duck

Andrew Duck


Andrew is the fifteenth of seventeen children. Born and raised in MD, he earned a BA in Public Administration and served 20+ years in the US Army, including 3 tours in Bosnia and one in Iraq (2003).

In addition to his concern for and expertise in getting us out of the quagmire the Bush Administration has created in Iraq, Andrew has developed thoughtful proposals on civil liberties, alternative sources of energy, dealing with the health care crisis and making government responsible.

Despite the failure of MD and national Democratic organizations to devote resources to this race in 2006, Andrew mounted a strong challenge to the rubber-stamp Republican incumbent, Roscoe Bartlett.

Fortunately Andrew will be running again in 2008 to turn this district Blue. For more info, see Andrew's web site duckforcongress

Image of Carol Shea-Porter

Carol Shea-Porter


Carol upset rubber stamp Republican incumbent Jeb Bradley in 2006, and has been targeted by the Republicans in 2008. Here's what two of her constituents [Joan Jacobs & Larry Drake] say about her:

Since arriving in Congress, Carol has kept her campaign promises. She has worked tirelessly to bring our brave troops home from Iraq as well as to help the “bottom 99% of Americans” who have been hurt by Bush’s policies. The first woman from New Hampshire elected to Congress, she has sponsored or co-sponsored dozens of bills to help workers, teachers, veterans, senior citizens, the disabled, and the environment. She is pro-choice, pro-worker, pro-union and a good friend of Federal employees and retirees.

Image of Paul Hodes

Paul Hodes


Paul represents NH's 2nd District, defeating a six-term incumbent in 2006, and was elected president of his "class" of 41 freshman Democrats.

After graduating from Dartmouth and Boston College Law School, Paul was recruited by David Souter, then NH's Attorney General, to to AG's office, where he prosecuted many high-profile cases against polluters and securities fraud.

From 1983 until his election in 2006, Paul was in private practice, including service as Chair of the Manchester Bar Association.

Paul has spoken out consistently and eloquently on extricating our troops from the war in Iraq. To view his biography and position on important issues, please check out his web site,

His talents in the arts are worth a special note!!

Image of Tom Allen

Tom Allen


Congressman Tom Allen has represented southern Maine—all that state’s population centers other than Auburn-Lewiston and Bangor—since 1996. Since then he has established a reputation as a solidly dependable progressive whose initiatives and leadership reflect the forward-looking, independent values of his fellow Mainers. After a great deal of pressure he has agreed to challenge deceitful rubber stamp Senator Susan Collins, who had vowed to step down this year.

Let's help Tom make sure that Collins says good-bye to DC.

Image of Rick Noriega

Rick Noriega


Rick was born in 1958 and for the last 9 years he’s represented a Texas House district in the eastern part of Houston. Rick is well known as a relentless champion of public education. His own higher education started in a junior college and ended at Harvard. Before being elected to the legislature he was a school teacher — and as well as an Adjunct General in the Texas Army National Guard. He saw service in Afghanistan. He has a wife (recently elected to the Houston city council) and two sons — and a thoroughly progressive record in state politics to run on.

For an extensive interview with Rick [from which the above text was taken] and discussion of the MANY reasons why he should replace the incompetent Cornyn, see blue-america-welcomes-rick-noriega

Image of Mark Pera

Mark Pera


Mark is running against an incumbent Blue Dog Democrat who was "granted" the seat when his father retired. Mark describes "himself as "mainstream Democrat" who's pro-choice and against the war. The following quote from a November 28 article in In These Times, summarizes nicely:

Mark Pera is not one to back down from a challenge. The son of a steelworker, Pera toiled in Northwest Indiana’s mills to put himself through college and law school. As a Cook County assistant state’s attorney, he worked on environmental criminal prosecution and public utility regulation, diligently fighting special interests. Now the broad-shouldered, 52-year-old father of four is setting his sights on the 2008 Democratic primary in Illinois’ 3rd congressional district, which encompasses southwest Chicago and nearby suburbs"

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