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by Friends of Tarryl Clark


With the encouragement and support of Minnesotans from Stillwater to Saint Cloud, Senator Tarryl Clark is pursuing Minnesota’s 6th District seat in Congress, currently held by Representative Michele Bachmann.

On issues ranging from health care to caring for our veterans; from energy independence to relieving the burdens on small businesses; Tarryl sees an opportunity to address our nation’s challenges while also creating new opportunities for jobs and growth. As Assistant Majority Leader in the Minnesota Senate, Tarryl has a proven record as a tireless advocate and as a leader who seeks positive solutions to challenges.

But for the past few years, the 6th District’s representation in Congress has been about missed opportunities. We’ve watched opportunities slip away – opportunities to build our local infrastructure, to modernize our transportation system, and to create good jobs and a strong business climate.

It’s time to deliver more than a sound bite. Rep. Bachmann’s biggest accomplishments are creating controversy instead of creating good jobs, and working the talk show circuit instead of helping working families. Tarryl Clark is ready to go to Congress to put our community’s interests first -- to fight for Minnesota’s working families, seniors, children, small business owners, and veterans.

A winning campaign needs passion, energy, good ideas, and the resources to deliver our message. Join our campaign by contributing today, and sign up to support Tarryl at

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Tarryl Clark