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by Steve Shea


I believe in the tradition of Winston Churchill, who had more courage than I, that democracy is the very worst form of government, except for all the others people have tried. And the key to our democratic system is the separation of powers which preserves the rights of the people to be heard. The GOP is frantically hedging its bets by appealing to some Americans' basest instincts (anti-gay hysteria, Terri Schiavo, and the ban on stem-cell research) and to others' shallow self-interest (tax cuts for the rich in a time of war - there's a first!) while simultaneously looting the treasury and spitting huge loogeys upwind for the next - and probably Democratic - President to deal with.

Let's get some accountability in '06. Take back the House and the Senate now, and maybe - just maybe - we can have a sensible foreign policy in place for a Democartic President's Inauguration on January 20, 2009.

Or keep losing 150 soldiers, $1 billion, and two or three allies each month due to our warmongering and profiteering.

It is, in the end, up to us. Thanks for your help.

Image of James Webb

James Webb


Webb is another real-deal Democrat running against a well-funded phony Republican. He needs grassroots help just to get on a level playing field. If the world was a fair place, he'd have beaten George Allen already.

Image of Lynn Woolsey

Lynn Woolsey


Image of George Miller

George Miller


Image of Barbara Lee

Barbara Lee


Around Oakland, you see "Barbara Lee speaks for me" bumper stickers. What you don't hear is that Rep. Lee stood for all of us, alone, against the resolution for war in Afghanistan - not because she didn't want to punish the attackers, but because she did not want to launch a war on emotion alone, and at the time of the vote, nobody had discussed the devilish details of this war against Terror(ism). And now we're chest-deep in wars, and she was right.

Image of Henry Waxman

Henry Waxman


Image of Hilda Solis

Hilda Solis


Image of Francine Busby

Francine Busby


Image of Tammy Duckworth

Tammy Duckworth


Here is an honest voice of sacrifice, of duty for coutnry, of experience. She at least deserves to be heard in the halls of Congress, and who better to help extract us from Iraq - and prevent the GOPers from launching another war - than someone who was medevac'ed?

Image of David Harris

David Harris


Ruben Hinojosa


Image of Sheila Jackson Lee

Sheila Jackson Lee


Image of Nick Lampson

Nick Lampson


This race is about just desserts. The 2001 Texas redistricting scam by Tom Delay disenfranchised Texas Democrats, and put some honest public servants out of office just for partisan political gain. Now that Mr. Delay has had to resign (remember the mug shot - and the private plane that flew him to Texas for it!) one of the ousted Democrats is running in Delay's home district.

Let's see Lampson lawn signs blocking Delay's view from his front porch, people!

Image of Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown


Image of Jerry McNerney

Jerry McNerney


Image of Ned Lamont

Ned Lamont


Sayonara, Joe!

Image of Daniel Akaka

Daniel Akaka


Sen. Akaka deserves our vote for his position on ending the US role in the destructive occupation of Iraq.

Image of Bob Menendez

Bob Menendez


Sen. Menendez desrves to be returned to the Senate for putting his repuation on the line for the safety of our troops and the sanity of our foreign policy.

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