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The fight to take back America starts here in Texas. Enough is enough!

These are the candidates we believe are most deserving - candidates with strong, sound stances, running in races where your dollars matter most. Taking back our country begins in the Republican Party's seat of power: Texas. Please make a contribution to this critical cause.

Image of Shane Sklar

Shane Sklar


Shane's opponent is Rep. Ron Paul, known for voting against Hurricane Katrina relief. Ironically, Rep. Paul's own district was hit by Hurricane Rita. Shane Sklar is a 4th generation rancher and native Texan. He's a longtime democrat and former staffer for Rep. Chet Edwards. This diverse district is ready for change, and we believe Shane Sklar is the best candidate in the 14th Congressional District. update: Shane is now on the DCCC Emerging Races List! Donate today and help us send Shane to Congress.

Image of Hank Gilbert

Hank Gilbert

TX-Ag Comm

Hank Gilbert is a native Texan and lifelong cattle rancher. Hank has been winning fans across Texas with his common sense stances on the Trans-Texas Corridor, rural economic development, and the Go Texan program. The rural revolt in Texas could help put Hank over the top - please contribute today and help him get his message out.

Juan Garcia


Juan Garcia is a UCLA & Harvard graduate who spent several decades as a Navy pilot. He was deployed to Kosovo and the Persian Gulf and later became an instructor pilot. He is currently a Navy reservist and well-respected community leader in Corpus Christi. Juan Garcia represents the best of the next generation of leaders in Texas - please make a contribution today.

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