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As the political season heads into the home stretch, and enthusiasm rages for our anticipated landslide victory in the presidential race, there are places where your help can still make a big difference in advancing the cause of LGBT rights. It's not enough to win the White House. We need more allies in the House and Senate we MUST defeat California's Proposition 8. These are very competitive races where your help is most needed. Please donate today and share this page with friends. The short URL for this page is You own the night. Own your country.

Equality for All

Please make a donation to Equality Now (also known as No On Prop 8) to stop Proposition 8 in California. Shockingly, if the vote were held today, Prop 8 would win. If we don't win on this, Prop 8 will amend the California Constitution to undo all the gay marriages in that state. It will also send a chill across this country because it will show legislators that even in a progressive state like California, the will of the people opposes the courts granting marriage rights. We MUST defeat Prop 8. We need to get our ads on t.v. now. Please make a donation in any amount. And enjoy this video and pass it on:

Image of Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett


Please make a donation to Sam Bennett. When she first called me a year ago I grilled her on every gay issue, from marriage to immigration and everything in between. I have since had the opportunity to spend a significant time talking to her and meeting with her about the issues and the development of her campaign. I've been impressed every step of the way. She is with us one hundred percent and has said she wants to be the straight Tammy Baldwin in Congress. She has been endorsed by Emily's List, Hillary Clinton, Ed Rendell, among may others. She is also on the DNC's Red-to-Blue list (meaning they believe she can unseat 4-term Republican incumbent Charlie Dent). She only needs to raise another $50,000 to pay for all the media through the end of the race. Please donate now.

Image of Linda Ketner

Linda Ketner


Linda Ketner is the race to watch for the LGBT community. Openly lesbian, she is emerging as a plausible victor over a Repubican incumbant in South Carolina (you read that right). She was just added to the DNC's Red-to-Blue list. I've had the opportunity to meet her and really see not just and advocate for us, but a rising star. Her race is a tough one, so please, show her that our community cares and make a donation now.

Image of Jeff Merkley

Jeff Merkley


As Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives, Jeff had a crucial role in bringing the Domestic Partnership law to Oregon last year. Now he is ready to fight for LGBTQ equality at the national level as a U.S. Senator replacing a Republican.

"Gordon Smith has not done enough for LGBT rights as a Senator. I will work in the Senate, as I have in the Oregon House, to convince my colleagues to support equality legislation."

Image of Betsy Markey

Betsy Markey


Running against Marilyn Musgrave, the author of the discriminatory Marriage Protection Amendment, Betsy supports equal rights for everybody, including gays and lesbians.

"People in my district don't want to regulate marriage, they want to improve their economic conditions and provide for national security."

Image of Gabrielle Giffords

Gabrielle Giffords


Because she is a pro-equality Congresswoman, she is an Equality Hero. Because she is in a close race for re-election, she is also an Endorsed Candidate to Fund.

Her district, held for many years by openly gay Jim Kolbe until she won this seat two years ago, is up for grabs, as she faces the Arizona State Senate President, Republican Tim Bee.

"One of the most basic principles of our great nation is our respect for personal freedom, and I am committed to protecting the freedom of each and every American. The government should not determine what marriage is or is not. That is up to the people in the relationship. I also support equalizing the treatment of same-sex couples and families. The civil rights of all Americans should be honored and strengthened. That is one of my top priorities in Congress."

Nick Carter


Debunking the theory that you cannot be pro-equality if you want to win in a red state, Carter has a real chance to pull off an upset.

"As an avid constitutionalist hailing from 'the Equality State' of Wyoming, I understand that, like any other group of people that have been discriminated upon, the LGBTQ community needs constitutional advocacy. I will bring that advocacy to Washington and fight for full marriage equality."

Florida Red and Blue, Inc.

Florida Red and Blue is the former name of, the campaign to defeat Florida's proposed ban on gay marriage. The Amendment states ""Inasmuch as marriage is the legal union of only one man and one woman as husband and wife, no other legal union that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof shall be valid or recognized."

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