Contribute Now to Francis Thicke TV Commercial

by Will Merydith


Act Now! And Give a Voice to Sustainable Agriculture

The race for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture is being called the most important race this Fall and Francis Thicke is being called the candidate we need to promote sustainable food and farming not just in Iowa, but the nation.

Francis Thicke is up against an incumbent with the support of Big Ag’s pocket books.

We are shooting TV and Internet commercials to get Francis Thicke’s message to the voters and we need your help to ensure we get a chance to speak as much as our opponent.

You will determine how many people our TV and online ads reach - the more they run, the more sure we can be of kicking Northey and Big Ag to the curb in this election!

Our experience in past elections prepare us for negative television advertising attacks in the final weeks of the campaign. We must be able to answer in the same forum. Your contribution now ensures that we can level the playing field and is an investment in our shared values for sustainable agriculture, safe food, clean water and air, and energy self-sufficiency.

Image of Francis Thicke

Francis Thicke

IA-Sec Ag

Organic dairy farmer and sustainable foods advocate running for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture.

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