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by Geert Bosch

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Some are thinkers. Some are doers. Few are both.

Nancy Pelosi has been exceptionally effective in marshalling complex reform packages through a recalcitrant congress. Without Nancy, the president's efforts would have fallen flat. The health insurance and financial conglomerates squeezed their choiceless and voiceless customers, returning each drop of sweat-and-tears drenched profit to their upper management, while disposing of those who actually need the care, or raising rates on those who actually need the loan they got.

The auto industry worked hard to push their line-up of overweight oil-guzzling dinosaurs against the currents of progress and good judgment onto the lots of car dealers and into the ravine of obsolescence. No more. Student loan money subsidizing banks instead of education? No more.

Millions of tax cuts for EACH of the top 1 percent earners, to be repaid by the children and grandchildren of those struggling now to make ends meet? Dismantling the very Social Security we all have paid for with our hard work, and that we rely on more than ever with our flagging 401k's? Won't happen with a Democratic house. Candidates on this page work hard for progress. Will you? Think and Do. Think Blue.


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