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by Daniel Wagoner


This midterm election will be one of the most important elections in our country's history. I truly believe our country is headed in the wrong direction, and the only thing that can help turn it around at this time is electing DEMOCRATS. Here you can help the Democrats of Washington State take back control of our country!

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Peter Goldmark


My friends in Eastern Washington need a Congressman that represents their interests, and not just the interests of George Bush's have - more friends.

Peter Goldmark: Washington, D.C. is not representing our values Opportunities for economic growth in Eastern Washington are being missed The real problems our nation faces are not being addressed: gas prices and energy independence healthcare costs our retirement security government living within its means

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Darcy Burner


The 8th district has a chance to bring a fresh, honest voice to the House of Representatives. The choice is clear, a true patriot that champions accountability, or a retired policeman that is not working to keep America safer, and does not speak out about the neo-con agenda of terrorizing the American People, and ignoring the 9-11 commission reccomendations to make America safer. When it comes to serving the people of Washington State, and the country the choice is clear. Darcy is by far the better choice.

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Jim McDermott


I have never met a politician with more support from their constituents, than Congressman McDermott. Jim is a champion of the 1st amendment, and a whole lot more. If all politicians were a little more like Jim, the world would be a far better place. What more can I say.

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Richard Wright


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Jay Inslee


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Rick Larsen


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Brian Baird


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Norm Dicks


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Adam Smith


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Victoria Wulsin


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Maria Cantwell


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Glenn Melancon


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Tammy Duckworth


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John Laesch


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Patrick Murphy


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