Contribute Now to Help Us Reset San Francisco!

by Phil Ting

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Our city is so much better than our city’s politics. But what if we could change that together? What if we could create a city government as innovative, creative and compassionate as the people of San Francisco?

That’s what my campaign for Mayor of San Francisco is all about – resetting city government to help improve our schools, jumpstart our economy, protect our neighborhoods and promote the core values we share as San Franciscans.

We all recognize that real change takes more than electing new leaders. It takes changing how we elect them.

That’s why this campaign will reach out to everyone – so government responds to more than just the usual suspects who show up to City Hall but to all San Franciscans who want and need a better city government. Your contribution will be used to build the tools that will help make this kind of reform possible. These tools include simple new technologies that give political power to every San Franciscan with a phone, an email address or access to the Internet. And they include the kind of honest, direct and powerful person-to-person organizing that will take our campaign to every single neighborhood and give our neighbors the platform they need to be heard.

There are so many reasons to be optimistic. Over the past few years, San Francisco has been moving in the right direction.

But we all know we can do more and we can do it better.

We can make San Francisco city government as incredible as the rest of San Francisco.

I’m ready to Reset San Francisco. Will you help?

We welcome your contribution if you are making it to support Phil Ting’s work for a better San Francisco. If you seek any other benefit, please do not make a contribution. Contributions to Phil Ting for Mayor 2011 are not tax deductible. Phil Ting for Mayor 2011 may accept contributions up to $500 from individuals, PACs and non-incorporated business entities. Phil Ting for Mayor 2011 cannot accept contributions from foreign nationals or corporations, whether for profit or not. We cannot accept contributions from persons who are negotiating a city contract subject to the approval of the Assessor-Recorder or Mayor or persons who have received such contracts in the past six months, or from the officers, directors or owners of such businesses or entities. Spouses and domestic partners may each contribute the maximum, even if their account is controlled by the same person, as long as they both sign the check, credit card authorization form or an accompanying letter. We may not deposit your check or credit card payment without your name, street address, occupation and employer, and may not accept cash, cashiers checks or money orders. You may only contribute a combined total of $1,500 to all candidates for Mayor, District Attorney, and Sheriff appearing on the November 2011 ballot. All contributions must be made from the contributor’s own funds.