Contribute Now to Tip Alaska Blue in '08

by Mike Coumbe


2008 is the year Alaska can turn Democratic!

The Alaska Democratic Party is putting the pieces in place this year to win elections next year by: a) Recruiting Alaskans to do the voter contact in their communities; b) Putting together a resonant message; c) Preparing voter contact tools so Democratic candidates will be able to step in and win; and d) Finding the candidates who can win.

And the wins that will happen? Check it out:

1. U.S. Senate Recent polling shows Democrats are in position to win the U.S. Senate seat in Alaska against Ted Stevens, who is under federal corruption investigations. Democrats' growing strength in Alaska put this seat within reach.

2. U.S. House Democrats have an excellent chance to win the lone Alaska U.S. House race in 2008 over Don Young -- who is also under federal investigation for corruption. Polls show Young is unpopular with Alaska voters. Already, viable Democratic candidates are making for a competitive Primary.

3. Alaska State Senate Democrats are 2 seats from outright control of the State Senate. Republican legislators are under federal investigation for corruption, with one convicted on all counts, others headed to trial and still others likely to be indicted.

4. Alaska State House Democrats are 4 seats from control of the Alaska State House. Federal investigations are affecting Republican incumbents.

Alaska will become a Democratic state in 2008 if the Alaska Democratic Party is able to do the organizing, message work and recruitment this year.

Your help is needed. By contributing as much as you can, you will play a part in changing the U.S. Senate and in changing Alaska.

Please help tip Alaska blue!

Mike Coumbe