Contribute Now to Send The Maine GOP A Message: Maine Needs a Change

by Sean Peter Flaherty


A few hours after BLASTING U.S. Rep. Tom Allen for missing 3 votes, the Maine Republican Party issued a second statement after finding out that Allen was absent from Congress on Monday to attend a funeral.

"It has come to our attention that Congressman Tom Allen was in Bangor on Monday attending the funeral of a family member," said Chairman Mark Ellis.

The Allen campaign said he was attending the funeral of his cousin's wife, and that the three votes he missed had to do with naming post offices in other states and honoring a National Guard unit from another state.

I encourage you to help get our majority in the US Senate Closer to 60 by Donating to Tom Allen. So far his fund raising numbers and cash on hand have impressed many, but he still trails Collins by over a million dollars.

This is a top-tier race and a great chance for a Democratic Pick-Up. The more Tom raises in the coming months the more Democrats around the country are going to get excited about unseating Susan Collins.

Image of Tom Allen

Tom Allen