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by Progressive Change Campaign Committee

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The Progressive Change Campaign Committee started this ActBlue page for a January 26th netroots fundraising event for Tom Geoghegan in Washington DC. We initially raised $3,800 online and in-person -- and Tom taped the above video thanking everyone.

But since the event, over $1,000 more has come in online! We've raised about $5,000 for Tom -- enough to fund 2 field staffers, plus some. Can you keep the momentum going? Every $2,000 we raise, another field staffer can be put on the ground to get out the vote!

Tom is a famed labor lawyer who wrote legendary pro-worker books like "Which Side Are You On?" David Sirota calls him "one of the greatest living progressives in America" and a writer at The Nation wrote "Tom could be the next Paul Wellstone." The new PCCC made Tom its first supported candidate.

Please chip in what you can today. The election is March 3, so every dollar helps!

Image of Tom Geoghegan

Tom Geoghegan


Thanks for supporting Tom Geoghegan for Congress. Each attendee at the PCCC's Washington, D.C. event chipped in $30 to help Tom win--some chipped in $50 or even $200. Can you give what you can to help Tom win today?

Tom is a bold progressive running for Rahm Emanuel’s House seat (IL-05). He literally “wrote the book” on the modern American labor movement and would be a strong champion for progressive economic policies in Congress.

Image of PCCC - Progressive Change Campaign Committee

PCCC - Progressive Change Campaign Committee

TIP JAR. Any contributions, most appreciated.

After donating to Tom, please consider adding a contribution to the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), a new PAC set up to help bold progressive candidates run first-class campaigns and win. It is led former MoveOn staff, union organizers, staff from Darcy Burner and Tom Perriello’s 2008 House campaigns, and the co-inventor of RSS and Reddit.

The PCCC has already been profiled in the Huffington Post, written about in the National Journal, and endorsed by OpenLeft. Chris Bowers calls the PCCC “an exciting new piece of progressive infrastructure” and says “it’s experienced team knows what it is doing in a campaign setting.” Rep. Tom Perriello says, "It’s a tremendously experienced group who have seen what works and what doesn’t work." Digby writes, “This is an essential component of progressive politics.”

YOU CAN HELP. Your contribution in this early start-up stage will go a long way. Can you chip in today?

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