Contribute Now to Match for Tom

by PeterB


UPDATE: It's the end of Thursday and 19 people kicked in at least $10 - many a lot more than that. Thanks for supporting Tom. My match donation of $10 for each of the 19 donors has been made on a separate ActBlue page so you can see your donation really did get matched. THANKS.


Tom is a real progressive and has a great shot at winning this special election. Show him you support progressive values and donate to his campaign.

I will match any donation of $10 or more with $10 of my own until midnight tomorrow night (Thursday Feb 5 at midnight), up to $250. I've done this match thing a number of times before (one example, so please have assurance that this is for real.

The earlier he gets your donation, the more use he can get out of it. Please give now!

Image of Tom Geoghegan

Tom Geoghegan