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These are the top Senate and House races for 2010, based partly on actual Republican strategies. So I am trying to counter Republican strategy by focusing on races that Republicans either predict are weak Repub gains or weak Repub Holds. I think we can swing all of these into the Dem camp if we really try. I try to include some offense as well as considerable defense.

Image of Paul Hodes

Paul Hodes


New Hampshire is a major battleground this year with one Senate seat and two House seats up for grabs. Paul Hodes is running for NH-Senate. This is an open seat and Repub strategists see it as a weak Repub hold. Which to me means we can switch it to the Dem camp. Paul Hodes has been an excellent Congressional Rep from the NH-2 district, and he will make an excellent Senator. This has to be one of our top fights this year.

Image of Carol Shea-Porter

Carol Shea-Porter


Both NH-1 and NH-2 are House races Repubs think they can flip from Dem to Repub. I think we can successfully defend them if we try hard. But Carol Shea-Porter has been an excellent Congresswoman for NH-1 and defending her seat is critical this year. We can't afford to lose her voice in Congress.

Image of Ann McLane Kuster

Ann McLane Kuster


Another tossup race in New Hampshire. Ann McLane Kuster is the likely candidate for this race, so I am adding her to the list. It is imperative that we win NH this year.

Image of John Salazar

John Salazar


Salazar is also being heavily targeted by the Republicans. He is not seen as being as vulnerable as Markey, but this is still a seat that needs some defense.

CO-06 Democratic Nominee Fund


This seat is currently held by Mike Coffman ( R ). This district is one I have focused on for years since it once was represented by one of the Katrina 11, one of the Republicans who supported no-bid contracts for Halliburton but refused to support aid to victims of Katrina. It is a long shot, but fighting here will help pick up votes for the Senate seat as well. Contributions to this fund will be sent to the Democratic nominee upon his or her selection.

Image of Kendrick Meek

Kendrick Meek


Kendrick Meek is the likely Democratic candidate for Florida Senate. Republicans think this is one seat this year that Republicans are in danger of losing. In the theory that the best defense is a good offense, I think we need to really push hard to win this. Kendrick Meek seems like an excellent candidate and it would be sweet to win this one.

Image of Alan Grayson (2010)

Alan Grayson (2010)


Alan Grayson is one of the most vocally progressive Democrat in Congress, and hence is one of the Repubs top targets. He is our most valuable Democrat in Congress and an excellent leader. This is a top seat to defend.

Image of Alex Sink

Alex Sink


Alex Sink is running for Governor of Florida. She has been an excellent CFO of Florida and would make an excellent Governor. Repub strategists see this as only a weak Repub hold, so I say we push it into the Dem pick up camp. I promise that Alex Sink will do us proud if she wins.

Image of Charlie Justice

Charlie Justice


Republicans think this is a safe seat, but some Dem strategists think this is a sleeper we can win. From Electoral

Bill Young has been elected to the House 18 times, usually with not much opposition, but in 2010 his luck may be running out. State Senate minority leader Charlie Justice (D) has announced a challenge to Young that Young will not be able to ignore. The district, just west of Tampa Bay, is R+01, and with a serious opponent this time, the 78-year-old congressman may decide to retire, leading to a open seat in a swing district. Either way, this once-sure Republican seat is now a tossup.

Image of Joe Garcia

Joe Garcia


This is considered a long shot by some, a near tossup by others. Pitting two Cuban-Americans (one reactionary, one progressive) against eachother, this is a possible pick up for Democrats.

Image of Secretary of State Project

Secretary of State Project

In each state, elections are generally run by the secretary of state. The SOS Project focuses on key secretary of state races across the country. They are one of the most important organizations we can support. This year they are concentrating on the California, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Iowa and South Dakota secretary of state races. Please join me in supporting their efforts.

Image of Mary Jo Kilroy

Mary Jo Kilroy


Mary Jo Kilroy is another Democrat being targeted because she voted for healthcare reform. Repubs think they have a shot at defeating her but I think we can defend it easily. So let's block this power play by obstructionist Repubs!

CA-03 Democratic Nominee Fund


This seat is currently held by Dan Lungren (R). Both Dem and Repub strategists see this as a Dem pick up opportunity. It is considered only a weak Repub hold. Let's make them fight hard for this one...and we actually have a shot at winning it. Contributions to this fund will be sent to the Democratic nominee upon his or her selection.

Image of Tom Perriello

Tom Perriello


VA-2 and VA-5 are both races with excellent freshman Democrats being heavily targeted by Republicans. Tom Perriello, though at times leaning conservative, is among the best Congressmen around, taking leadership positions on key issues. He is one of our best and we need to make sure he stays in Congress.

Image of Joe Sestak

Joe Sestak


Running to replace Arlan Specter in the Senate.

Image of Bryan Lentz

Bryan Lentz


Running for Joe Sestak's House seat.

Image of Manan Trivedi

Manan Trivedi


According to Daily Kos, Trivedi was a battle surgeon for the Marine Corps in Iraq, is a solid progressive, and top challenger in one of the Democratic Party's top pickup opportunities this year. Find out more here:

Image of Lois Herr

Lois Herr


Lois Herr is running against Republican Pitts, who teamed up with Stupak to try and tack an anti-abortion amendment to healthcare reform. Lois Herr has been endorsed by NOW and Feminist Majority. Find out more here:

Image of Jack Conway Debt Retirement

Jack Conway Debt Retirement


Running for Kentucky Senate against Teabagger candidate Rand Paul.

Image of Dan Seals

Dan Seals


Image of Bill Foster

Bill Foster


Image of Jennifer Brunner

Jennifer Brunner


Jennifer Brunner lost the primary so is no longer running for this seat.

Jennifer Brunner has been an excellent, honest, award-winning (literally) secretary of state in Ohio. Now she is running for Senate and would be an excellent Senator. This is rated as a weak Repub hold and I think we can flip it to Dem. We really need to win this one folks and Brunner would do us proud.

MO-07 Democratic Nominee Fund


This seat is Roy Blunt's current seat. It has thus been the real seat of corruption in Missouri. I would love to see us clean house in this district. It's a long shot, but it is a district worth fighting in. Contributions to this fund will be sent to the Democratic nominee upon his or her selection.

Image of Michael Bennet

Michael Bennet


Michael Bennet is being targeted by Repubs because he voted for Healthcare reform. There is another Dem running in the primary who sounds good, but it is likely that Bennet will be the nominee. And overall Bennet has been a good Senator for Colorado. Republicans think they can defeat Bennet. I say we have to hold onto this seat if we want Obama to have any chance of further reform in America.

Image of Robin Carnahan

Robin Carnahan


Robin Carnahan is running against one of the most corrupt Republicans in the country. Republicans rank this race as a "weak Repub Hold" which to me means we can pick it up for Dems. Carnahan has proven herself as an honest, fair Democrat as secretary of state for Missouri. So this is a close race in a swing state pitting an honest, fair and competent Democrat against a corrupt, obstructionist Repub. Needs to be one of our main targets in 2010.

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