Contribute Now to Drive for Equality: Maine

by Travel for Change


Background: In May, Maine became the fifth state to write marriage equality into law. On Nov. 3rd Maine is facing a referendum to overturn that law.
TFC Maine logo Travel for Change is leading the large scale recruitment of out-of-state volunteers to be both short and long-term campaign staff for Maine's No on 1 Campaign. These national volunteers are literally contributing thousands of working hours on the ground in Maine.

Now Phase II: Drive for Equality is LIVE!

With Drive for Equality we're organizing New England and East Coast activists from Burlington to Boston to D.C. to take day, weekend and 4-day GOTV trips to volunteer in Maine. Our powerful online app is connecting people both with and without cars so they can share rides and costs, thus substantially increasing the number of deployable volunteers.

From the No on 1 Statewide Operations Director: "You've got to realize the impact these volunteers are having. The fact they're here full-time has truly expanded our statewide capacity and their passion has lifted us up to a new level. We need more."

What your donation will do:

  • Allow for fulltime program management through GOTV.
  • Pay for additional promotion to recruit significantly more weekend and GOTV volunteers from New England and the East Coast.
  • Allow us to subsidize on-the-ground transportation.
  • Finalize the Travel for Change national program by subsidizing the final round of airline tickets for veteran volunteer organizers.
  • Pay for additional field staff time to handle the capacity of our expanded Drive for Equality effort.
  • Support local East Coast activists as they coordinate trips from their own communities.

Together we're make it possible for full-time volunteers to go where they're needed right now. THANK YOU!

Travel for Change: The Maine Campaign