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by The ActBlue Team


A recent article in the New York Times examined the fundraising triage efforts of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. In short, the DCCC has a finite amount of money to spend ahead of November 2 and a limited amount of time to spend it in; they want to spend it in races where they think it'll have the most impact.

At ActBlue we know that individuals make different choices than party committees, and we're here to help you bring those priorities to the attention of the powerful. That's why we give you the power to donate to any Democrat, anywhere, at any time.

You've used that power to confound the experts time and time again--grassroots fundraising efforts on ActBlue have turned more than one Democratic dark horse into a sure thing. In 2008, ActBlue users helped Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK) unseat the late Ted Stevens. Today, both Sen. Begich and ActBlue donors across America are working to help Democratic Senate hopeful Scott McAdams beat his Tea Party and Sarah Palin-backed opponent and turn Alaska blue.

Remember, ActBlue isn't funded by the Democratic Party, we're funded by you; we rely on your support to operate. A $15 recurring donation to ActBlue helps us pay the bills that are a necessary part of putting $145,000,000 worth of political power back into the hands of ordinary Americans. If you think that's something worth fighting for, then please:

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