Contribute Now to Trivedi for Change

by Nina Ahmad


Manan Trivedi, a candidate for Change is running for the 6th Congressional District of PA. His unique combination of being a physician as well as an Iraq war veteran gives him the valuable perspective to tackle the problems facing our country. Manan will be a breath of fresh air, changing the landscape of electoral politics and opening doors for others. Right now, Manan needs our support. There is just one day left before the midyear Federal Election Commission (FEC) deadline. This is an important race so all eyes will be on Manan's fundraising totals to see just how serious we are about beating Republican Jim Gerlach. Please dig deep and contribute to enact meaningful change before midnight of June 30, 2012! Contributions through ActBlue are a great way to make an impact on progressive campaigns. Thank you for your support.

Nina Ahmad

Image of Manan Trivedi

Manan Trivedi