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by Scott Kleeb


Countdown to Change

Scott Kleeb's 10 Commitments to Serve Nebraska

As a member of the U.S. Senate:

• I will not vote for any new spending unless there is a specific way to pay for it. • I will not accept Senate health care until all Nebraskans have access to health care. • I will not accept a pay raise unless the budget is balanced. • My first bill will be the "American Jobs & Energy Act," which will end tax breaks for companies that move jobs overseas and use the savings to create renewable energy jobs here in Nebraska. • I will not take junkets or gifts from lobbyists. • I will publish a list of all targeted projects I support, and put it on the internet. • I will publish my entire schedule on the internet and not conduct any secret, closed door meetings. • I will publish an Annual Accountability Report and conduct an annual independent audit of my Senate Office, just like businesses do. • I will host an "Ask the Senator" online meeting every three months. • My wife and I will keep our family right here in Hastings, Nebraska and our two little girls will attend public school here.

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Scott Kleeb