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by Kerry Sieger

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(since June 02, 2008)

Since 1993, Texans have been in the Red: both our Senators in Washington, D.C. have been conservative Republicans. Since then, we have only gone deeper into the Red with officials supposedly elected to represent ALL Texans. And due to the decisions made by the Reds in Washington and Austin, it's been a long time since I've been happy about filling my gas tank. Well, let's hear it for a great reason to say: Fill 'er up!

While RICK NORIEGA, native Houstonian, Lieutenant Colonel in the Texas Army National Guard, veteran of the war in Afghanistan, and dedicated public servant is serving his country on his required two weeks' deployment, I want you to help Fill Rick's Boots for his Senate campaign! It's time we lifted the red pall that has been over Texas. John Cornyn, the current incumbent, has one of the most conservative voting records in the U.S. Senate. He needs to go, and RICK NORIEGA is just the man to send him packing!

But Rick needs our help to get his campaign going. So while he's away the first two weeks of June, his wife and campaign staff have dedicated themselves to the goal of raising $50,000 in online donations. Please help me Fill Rick's Boots by going to and contributing to Rick's campaign.

Fill 'er up!

Image of Rick Noriega

Rick Noriega


Rick Noriega is the Democratic nominee to challenge U.S. Senate incumbent John Cornyn in Texas. Noriega has served in our armed forces for close to 30 years and is currently a member of the Texas State House of Representatives. Help him take on John Cornyn in November 2008!