Contribute Now to Turn Oklahoma Green

by Andrew Rice for U.S. Senate


Only one U.S. Senator has called global warming the "greatest hoax ever perpetrated upon the American people." And if we're going to move forward to develop new energy sources, take care of our environment, and battle the climate change crisis, it's time for Jim Inhofe to retire.

Andrew Rice knows that, in order to preserve our environment for future generations, we must take action now. He's already established a record of action in the Oklahoma State Senate, pushing for legislation that would reduce energy consumption in school districts and a bill to convert the state vehicle fleet to natural gas or other cleaner-burning alternatives.

Take action now - give $20.08, or whatever you can afford, to help turn Oklahoma green and to show you support the U.S. Senate candidate who will protect our environment and our future, Andrew Rice.

Image of Andrew Rice

Andrew Rice