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These are the candidates I believe are most deserving, candidates with strong, sound stances, running in races where your dollars matter most. Please make a contribution to this critical cause. Thank you.

Image of Bobby Scott

Bobby Scott


THIS IS THE PAGE for BOBBY SCOTT 60-30-15 event 4/27 in Newport News. He's celebrating his 60 years young, 30 years in politics and 15 years in Congress. -------- Bobby Scott, represents the progressive voice from the red state (or purple depending how you look at it) of Virginia. We only have three elected Democratic member of the House represents Virginia out of eleven (11) districts. The other eight are republicans. So, you can see how the balance of power in Virginia tilted to the Republican side.

As a member of Congress -- he stays true to his calling: Civil liberties and civil rights. He voted against Iraq War from the outset. He voted against Patriot Act. He voted against Bankruptcy Bill. Against torture. He voted against the House version of Immigration reform. He voted for -- to keep the temporary provision on Voting Rights Act intact, especially the provisions from the Act that require "...translators or multilingual ballots be provided for U.S. citizens who do not speak English."

Rep. Bobby Scott is the only member of Congress with Filipino American heritage. And the second African American elected to Congress to represent Virginia after reconstruction.

Let's help Bobby with his reelection campaign and continue to have Progressive voice in the House.