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Moderates, progressives and small-government conservatives may disagree on some issues, but more and more they agree on one thing: the Bush administration has been a disaster abroad and at home, and the rubber-stamp Republican Congress has completely neglected its duties to control the budget and protect our Constitutional rights and principles. 2006 is a historic opportunity to turn things around, but time is running out! Below are most of the closest races crucial to returning Congress to responsible leadership and holding the Bush administration accountable for its gross negligence. Remember, a narrow loss does not mean your money was wasted. Close contests often convince an incumbent used to easy wins to retire, easing the way for a Democratic win. This is especially likely if the House flips as predicted by most experts, as it would spell the end of the cushy perks enjoyed for 12 years by Republicans.

NOTE: Since I set this page up in June, revelations from the Foley page scandal to mishandling of the war on terror have made many Democrat-held seats safe and several more Republican-held seats guaranteed pickups. In some cases, the Democrat is likely to win a heavily Republican seat largely because of incumbent scandal, and will need to raise funds aggressively to ward off a different challenger in 2008. I will be adding those after the dust settles post-election.

MD-Sen General Election Fund


These are the candidates I believe are most deserving, candidates with strong, sound stances, running in races where your dollars matter most. Please make a contribution to this critical cause.

Image of Ned Lamont

Ned Lamont


Few D.C. insiders believed that an unknown could unseat a long-time incumbent, but that's exactly what happened to Bush enabler Joe Lieberman. Lamont's work isn't finished, though, as Lieberman refuses to respect the primary voters' verdict and is still running as an "independent" sour grapes candidate. The incumbent refuses to take his head out of the sand on the war issue long after even many conservatives have said it's time to bring our troops home. Bring Joe home from DC and the troops home from Iraq! Ed's no single-issue candidate, though. He wants to redirect the war's expenditure of $250 million a day toward better security at home, making healthcare and education more affordable. His experience as a small businessman and working across party lines as town selectman will serve him well as a U.S. senator.

Image of Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill


A reliable bellwether in presidential races, Missouri could also be the state that will decide control of the Senate. An aggressive opponent of government waste and corruption, state auditor McCaskill is running to take back Harry Truman's old Senate seat from Gingrich protege Jim Talent, with an emphasis on engaging rural and southern parts of the state that past candidates have overlooked. Stem cell research advocate Michael J. Fox recently drew further attention to this race with his ad supporting Claire. She will also put her experience as a prosecutor to work in winning federal help fighting Missouri's dire epidemic of meth abuse.

Image of Jon Tester

Jon Tester


While Abramoff's best friend Conrad Burns has embarrassed Montanans with smallminded remarks and a sense of lifetime entitlement to his Senate job, the most important reasons to elect Jon Tester are more positive ones. As state senate president, Tester brought people from both parties together to balance the budget every session-- an example that shames Washington Republicans. An organic farmer, Tester will work to reverse Republican neglect of small farms and improve labelling laws on imported beef while protecting public lands from being given away to corporate interests. A Tester win would boost the Democratic renaissance in the fast-growing mountain states, key to capturing a longterm majority.

Image of James Webb

James Webb


Help Webb beat the man that Rush Limbaugh would like to see as our next President! Few know more about military matters than James Webb. Unlike his opponent George Allen, Webb served bravely in Vietnam and witnessed the horrors of war firsthand. He channeled that experience into numerous bestselling books in the war genre and served President Reagan as Naval Secretary until he made a principled resignation to protest cuts that he felt would weaken our national security. No party insider, Webb came from behind to win a primary against the Democratic DC establishment's favorite and has brought a longshot race to a statistical tie in the final month of his campaign. His campaign has since earned the endorsements of Gov. Kaine and former Governors Warner and Wilder. Married to a Vietnamese woman, James understands that diversity is one of America's greatest strengths, while his opponent alienates people with bigoted and careless remarks. While George Allen is more interested in running for the White House and telling audiences that his Senate job bores him, Webb is eager to go to work. His experience as a wounded military patient has motivated him to make quality healthcare more available to all Americans.

Image of Harry Mitchell

Harry Mitchell


Image of Jeff Latas

Jeff Latas


AZ-08 General Election Fund


Image of Jerry McNerney

Jerry McNerney


Image of Angie Paccione

Angie Paccione


Image of Tammy Duckworth

Tammy Duckworth


Tammy Duckworth may have lost both of her legs serving her country in Iraq, but don't let that fool you-- few people can keep up with this high-energy candidate. Duckworth witnessed wasteful spending and overpaid contracts as an army major, and she has called for a thorough audit of the past five years' federal spending on Iraq. Her opponent is more extreme on gun control than even his predecessor, archconservative Henry Hyde.

Image of Bruce Braley

Bruce Braley


The battle of Waterloo was the final defeat of the French monarch Napoleon. So it is fitting that a man from the city of Waterloo, IA will help us win back Congress and hold "King George" accountable at last! If you want a hardworking Congressman, you can't do much better than electing someone who had his first job in third grade. Since then, Bruce Braley has put his law degree to work holding corporations accountable on matters of safety standards and job downsizing. Braley has also served as president ofWaterloo Dollars for Scholars program, the President of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Northeast Iowa, a board member of the Visiting Nurses Association, and a member of the Iowa Legal Aid board of directors. His opponent has had so much trouble finding real Iowans who would badmouth Braley that he ended up running ads with stock footage of actors lying that they were Iowans, and got blasted for it by the press recently.

Image of Tim Walz

Tim Walz


Gutknecht is German for "good servant" and that's what the incumbent has been since his first election in the Gingrich Revolution of 1994-- a loyal lackey for the Republican leadership. Enlisting in the Army National Guard at seventeen, Walz spent 24 years with them (including a recent stint in Iraq) in addition to his teaching career and work in creating student exchange programs between America and China. Tim Walz will consistently vote to give the House ethics committee authority to investigate and indict members without the consent of party leadership. An ethics committee that is not entirely bipartisan or independent is simply a waste of taxpayer dollars. Additionally, Walz will vote to strengthen lobbyist registration rules, bar lobbyists from congressional chambers and ban all privately funded congressional trips. We need someone like Tim to "Walz" right into Washington and clean up the mess.

Image of Patty Wetterling

Patty Wetterling


A longtime public advocate of child safety since losing her own son, Patty Wetterling is especially outraged by Republican leaders who knew of Mark Foley's predations on underage pages and did nothing for over a year. But she doesn't just get angry; Mrs. Wetterling has a record of getting legislative results such as the 1994 child protection act named for her son and its 1996 successor, Megan's Law. The Republican candidate, Michele Bachmann, is running on a theocratic platform out of step with Minnesota's inclusive and progressive heritage, claims that global warming does not exist and that Terry Schiavo was a "healthy woman".

Image of Patricia Madrid

Patricia Madrid


Image of David Mejias

David Mejias


With Spitzer and Clinton expected to turn out landslide numbers in races for governor and U.S. Senate, this could be the best election in decades for New York Democrats. Pete King is the last Long Island Republican in Congress, and local Democrats have won a majority in Nassau County legislative races . One of them is Dave Mejias, who is has experience as Community Development and Labor committee chairman. In his first two years, he passed balanced budgets with no tax increases for residents-- and Nassau County now has an “A” bond rating for the first time in a decade. Let's give Dave a chance to do the same for the federal budget!

Image of Mike Arcuri

Mike Arcuri


Image of Eric Massa

Eric Massa


Image of Heath Shuler

Heath Shuler


Image of John Cranley

John Cranley


Image of Victoria Wulsin

Victoria Wulsin


Image of Mary Jo Kilroy

Mary Jo Kilroy


Image of Lois Murphy

Lois Murphy


Following the pattern of many successful politicians, Lois Murphy didn't give up after losing narrowly in her first campaign. She's back and this year's environment is far better for Democrats nationwide.

Image of Joseph Sestak Jr

Joseph Sestak Jr


Incumbent Curt Weldon is in full meltdown. First he alienated voters by attacking Admiral Sestak on what hospital he chose for his gravely ill little girl. Then there were the delusional ravings about nonexistent WMDs found in Iraq. Now Weldon and his daughter are under criminal investigation by the FBI. Don't feel that your contribution will be wasted if Sestak wins in a walk, though-- the district was drawn to elect Republicans and you will be giving him a needed head start on fundraising for 2008... in case the Republicans aren't dumb enough to nominate Weldon for a comeback.

Image of Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy


It's true, Patrick is hardly the only Iraq veteran running as a Democrat this year-- in fact, he's not even the only Murphy running for Congress in Pennsylvania. But he is uniquely qualified for this district.

Image of Darcy Burner

Darcy Burner


An accomplished developer at Microsoft, Darcy Burner is running in the Seattle suburbs against a former sheriff with a history of botching criminal investigations. "Rubber Stamp Reichert" has admitted to the press that he votes yes or no depending on what Karl Rove tells him is best.

WI-08 General Election Fund


Image of Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown


You're a good man, Charlie Brown, for running against one of the most corrupt members of the California GOP delegation (and that's saying something!). The incumbent may be named Doolittle, but he's done plenty for himself-- including using thousands of campaign funds to pay his own wife. If elected, Charlie will push to ban this practice as well as prohibit former members of Congress from taking a lobbying job for five years after retiring. Yet another military veteran running as a Democrat this year, Brown coordinated intelligence flights over Iraq, so he was skeptical of Bush's WMD claims and opposed the war from the beginning.

Image of Diane Farrell

Diane Farrell


Image of Joe Courtney

Joe Courtney


Image of Jim Pederson

Jim Pederson


Image of Christopher Murphy

Christopher Murphy


Image of Larry Grant

Larry Grant


Image of John Yarmuth

John Yarmuth


Image of Jason Altmire

Jason Altmire


Image of Jill Derby

Jill Derby


Image of Steve Kagen

Steve Kagen


Image of Ciro Rodriguez

Ciro Rodriguez


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