Contribute Now to Unsung Heros

by Sam D Dobermann


Image of Clint Curtis

Clint Curtis


Clint is running a tough race against the dirtiest guy, Tom Feeney, who is an Abromoffspring. A programmer, Clint Curtis, testified to Congress about the original meeting in 2000 when Tom Feeney, the incoming speaker of the FL House & one-time running mate of Jeb Bush, asked him to create a "vote-rigging software prototype" while employeed at Yang Enterprises, Inc (see for timeline)

Clint's main issues are verifiable elections, energy independence and out of Iraq now. Feeney's latest hit ad on Clint photoshopped Clint's head on lite-porn mags; he is mainly calling him crazy.

This is a race where your dollars will make the difference. Please, now is the time- for verifiable elections -the sin qua non cause.

Image of Albert Kissling

Albert Kissling


This retired minister is one tough cookie and running a strong race against torture loving republican tool, steve pierce. Go visit Al's website and the give him some luv --and gas money.

Image of Bob Bowman

Bob Bowman


This atypical vet, independent, non-Roman catholic, pro-choice (yet pro-life live-long) pro gay marraige -- the list goes on -Go TO HIS ISSUES Page and you'll be a convert. Then give. NOW. He is running a credible race and survived a competitive primary.

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