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The candidates listed here have character and courage. They deserve our support not only because they have outstanding qualifications but because they have the backbone to step out of the crowd and Act Blue in a Red State.

It is critical we support these incumbents and new challengers now on the eve of the battle, and let their performance show the Reds we're not going away until our states are Blue!

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Image of Pete Ashdown

Pete Ashdown




Other than Pete’s affinity for technology, groundbreaking creativity in techno-politics, xmission, grass roots style, opposition to the Iraq War, courage to face Orrin Hatch, and some kind, encouraging words extended by some people who have met him, I don’t know much about Pete Ashdown. But I think that’s enough. More than enough, actually. When I think of all the times the current administration has been wrong and senators like Orrin Hatch were there to cover for the administration rather than “we the people,” I know it’s time for a change. They say power corrupts, and Hatch has had power for a long, long time. It’s time for Utah to send some spotless honesty and integrity to D.C. And we may as well throw in some technical savvy, small business experience and intelligence just because with Pete Ashdown, we can.

Image of Jon Tester

Jon Tester






This is a winning race. Jon Tester has an exemplorary career of 4 terms in the State Senate, leading all the way to the top and culminating in establishing a Dem majority in Montana!

Tester matched incumbent Conrad Burns' fundraising $864,000 to $870,000 for the 2nd quarter.

"People all over (Montana) are talking about the high cost of energy and presecription medicine and finally getting a handle on our national debt...," said Tester's campaign manager Stephanie Schriock, "we've seen the kind of campaign Sen. Burns wants to runs and we'd rather talk about the issues."

Tester himself says "I'm running for the United States Senate because Washington has lost its way, and we need to set it right. Bring honesty to government. Help America become energy independent. And stop saddling our children with debt."

Meanwhile, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) cites Tester's opponent, incumbent Conrad Burns, as one of the 13th most corrupt members of Congress. Burns is tied to Jack Abramoff, specifically through involvement in awarding a $3 million federal grant for poor tribal schools to the Saginaw Chippewa tribe of Michigan, one of the nation's richest tribes, an Abramoff client. And the senator's staffers attended the Super Bowl via a jet leased by Abramoff.

CREW spells out its charges on the Web site The title is a reference to House Majority Leader Rep. Tom Delay, R-Texas, who was indicted on campaign-finance charges.

CREW has also targeted two Democrats.

BACKGROUND University of Great Falls, BS, Music Music Teacher, Big Sandy School District Organic farmer, est. 1980s 4 term State Senator Minority Whip, 2001 Minority Leader, 2003 Senate President, Dems gained state majority position!

Image of Christian Burridge

Christian Burridge




UPDATE: The Salt Lake Tribune recently endorsed Christian Burrdige over incumbent Chris Cannon!

Christian Burridge, a UT native and lawyer, likes the David & Goliath characterization of his race against Chris Cannon; after all, look at how David did. Some feel the Republican party is disintegrating and eating their own around here, and the AFL-CIO is ready to fire the Cannon.

Here’s Christian’s philosophy, from his own website:

(He) knows the importance of protecting our constitution and the process of the rule of law. He is proud to be a citizen of this great nation where an individual is protected under a system of governance that ensures freedom and justice. With special interests slowly eroding away these rights, Christian vows that now is the time to ensure the protection of every individual, our families, children, and our future.


But is this race winnable? Absolutely. Listen to Christian himself, represented in the following Daily Herald article:

"In campaign materials, congressional candidate Christian Burridge dismisses as 'myth' the idea that Republican victory is preordained. He’s the Democrat seeking to unseat U.S. Rep. Chris Cannon, R-Utah, in the 3rd Congressional District, which includes Utah County.

'The race isn’t over,' Burridge said. 'We have enough people who will vote for us. There are a lot of Republicans and a lot of independents who will vote for a Democrat.'

'The real demographic of this district is people are independents.'

He cited the example of former Democratic Congressman Bill Orton, who represented Utah County for three terms before being defeated by Cannon in 1996.

In 1994, Orton won every precinct in Lehi and Payson, and all but one precinct in American Fork, Pleasant Grove and Spanish Fork. The district’s boundaries have been changed since then, but it now includes a slice of heavily Democratic west Salt Lake County.

'Granted, the Democrats have not put on their game' in recent contests, Burridge said. 'But just because we haven’t put on our game in the last couple of cycles doesn’t mean that the people are one way or another.'

'People really vote for the person and not the party.'"

I’ve met Christian Burridge and am here to report that he is on his game, so we do have a dog in this fight. Please join me make Chrsitian's victory so, for his victory is our victory: UT’s third district, the state and the country.

Image of Larry Grant

Larry Grant



Grant says: "America is facing many difficult issues. Jobs, education and health care all need to be addressed. But we are saddled with war, debt, and corruption."

His recipe for change? Tackle these problems: The first is SPENDING. The second problem is CORRUPTION. The third problem is BUREAUCRATIC BUNGLING.

Does anyone believe these guys deserved a pay raise?

Get back to pay-as-you-go government. Identify the money when you propose the expense. Turn the House Ethics Committee back into an effective oversight committee. Turn the House Ethics Committee back into an effective, efficient and accountable oversight committee.

Sound like the guy has a grasp of the situation? I agree.

Born in Boise, Idaho. Strong academic credentials: University of Denver, College of Law, Denver, Colorado J. D., 1971, summa cum laude & Columbia College, Columbia University, New York, New York, B. A., 1968.

ADMISSIONS to the BAR Colorado, State and Federal Courts, 1972; Idaho, State and Federal Courts, 1979; Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, 1974; Court of International Trade, 1987 WORK HISTORY Vice President and General Counsel, VLSI Technology, Inc., San Jose, California, 1996 to 1998; Vice President and General Counsel, Micron Technology, Inc., Boise, Idaho, 1985 to 1995; Private practice, Boise, Idaho, 1979 to 1985 Private practice, Denver, Colorado, 1972 to 1979 COMMUNITY SERVICE Member, Board of Directors, Frank Church Institute; Previously served as a director of WITCO, Caldwell, Idaho and as a member of the Advisory Council to the University of Idaho School of Business.

Image of Monica Lindeen

Monica Lindeen



Monica Lindeen has proven herself as someone who knows how to set a goal, work with others, and get things done. Through hard work with family and friends, MONICA BUILT A HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL INTERNET BUSINESS, Montana Communications Network (MCN), one of the first Montana-based, local providers in the high-tech industry.

With the support of her loving husband, David, and their children, Dusty, Wes and Nick, she was able to serve the people of MONTANA IN THE STATE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES for four terms, representing the agricultural district that covers four counties from Billings to Miles City.

Throughout Monica’s TENURE IN THE LEGISLATURE, she has developed a reputation as a common sense, moderate, knowledgeable about how to get things done for Montana in the legislature while serving in various leadership roles and becoming a leading expert on the state budget. She doesn’t look at the party label someone wears-she looks for people who will help her find common sense solutions to make Montana a better place to work and live.

Current Office: State Representative; District: 43 Office Seeking: U.S. Representative; District : At-Large First Elected: 11/03/1998; Last Elected: 11/02/2004

Committees: Rules Select Committee on Education, Chair Transportation

Birthplace: Ogden, UT Home City: Huntley, MT Religion: Christian Education: BSED, Montana State University, Billings, 1992. Professional Experience: Business Owner/General Manager, Montana Communications Network (MCN), 1995-2000 Faculty Member, Department of English/Philosophy, Montana State University - Billings, 1992-1994. Political Experience: Representative, Montana State House of Representatives, 1998-present Vice Chair, Montana Democractic Party, 1997-2000 Candidate, State House of Representatives, District 7, 1996.

Organizations: Member, Pompeys Pillar Historical Association, 2000-present Member, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Wolf Mountain Chapter, 1999-present Member, Montana State University Billings Foundation Board, 1998-present Member, Downtown Billings Exchange Club, 1996-2003 Member, Public Affairs Committee, March of Dimes, Montana Big Sky Chapter, 1997-2000. Member, Huntley Project Community Club, 1990-1997.

Caucuses/Non-Legislative Committees: Director, Huntley Water District, 1992-2003.

Image of Jim Pederson

Jim Pederson




Jim Pederson remains competitive, though strongly challenged in his battle against incumbent Republican John Kyl. The most recently reported poll, the Cronkite-Eight, reports a lead for John Kyl by 46% to Pederson’s 36%. Pederson’s campaign enjoys significant potential, however, because a) a significant opportunity exists among the 22% of democratic voters currently projected to crossover for the incumbent and b) 18% of those polled were still undecided, almost double the current spread.

As the State Party Leader who helped elect Janet Napolitano as Governor (she's up for re-election, too), Jim Pederson knows what he's doing.

From the Phoenix area, Jim is competing in an important metropolitan market in the 2nd fastest growing state in the country (after NV) . With large, exploding hispanic and immigrant communities, its no overstatement to say that AZ will play a large role in determining the future of both parties.

Jim wants to go to DC in order to: Reduce prescription drug costs Refocus the War on Terror on bin laden & al qaeda Address neglected homeland security weak spots Honor veterans with the strong benefits they deserve Re-establish fiscal responsibility in DC Reform Health Care: access to affordable, quality services Protect Seniors from attempts to diminish and expose Medicare and Social Security to risky market forces. Pursue Energy independence Confront global warming and other environmental threats

Change DC: support Jim Pederson.

EDUCATION University of Arizona, BS in political science and MPA in public administration, while working three part-time jobs to pay his tuition. COMMUNITY SERVICE Jim moved to Phoenix in 1967 and began work for the Research and Budget Division for the City of Phoenix. He then took the job as Administrative Assistant to Phoenix Mayor Milt Graham. PRIVATE SECTOR After Mayor Graham left office in 1970, Jim began working in commercial development first for the Grossman Company and then Westcor. Rising to the position of manager for all of Westcor’s shopping centers, Jim decided to branch out on his own and formed the Pederson Group in 1983. His first development was a neighborhood shopping center in Goodyear, AZ in 1986. Since then, the Pederson Group has developed over 25 retail projects throughout the state, creating thousands of jobs and receiving numerous awards for excellence. MORE COMMUNITY SERVICE With his hard work and commitment to Arizona communities, Jim has received numerous awards and distinctions including the Valley Big Brothers Leadership Award, the United Way Gold Award for Outstanding Service, and the City of Hope – Spirit of Life Award. SUCCESSFUL PARTY LEADER In 2001, Jim was elected state chair of the Arizona Democratic Party. He worked tirelessly to help elect Janet Napolitano to the Governor’s seat and bring the kind of leadership that today is making a positive difference in the lives of middle-class Arizonans. He also chaired the Fair Election Campaign, a ballot initiative to bring fairness to the legislative and congressional redistricting process. FAMILY Jim and his wife Roberta have been married for 33 years and currently reside in North Central Phoenix. They have three children, James, Marney and Lindsay.

Image of Herb Paine

Herb Paine



Herb Paine is president of Paine Consulting Services, a leading enterprise specializing in business strategy, organization development, and turnaround management for a diverse range of public, private, and nonprofit sector clients.

He grew up in Boston, the cradle of liberty, and attended Boston University, majoring in Government. He received his Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in 1970, specializing in American Foreign Policy, Soviet Affairs, and International Economics. Following his service in the U.S. Army, he embarked on a career devoted to human services, social justice, and community problem-solving, spending thirteen years with the United Way. Prior to establishing his consulting practice in 1989, Herb was Executive Director of United Way of California and the leading legislative advocate for the nonprofit sector in California.

He made Phoenix his home eight years ago. His wife Debbie is executive director of the Arts and Business Council of Greater Phoenix. His daughter Carli graduated from MIT in 2005 with a Master’s Degree in City Planning.

Herb is known as the go-to guy for organizations in trouble, and he’s exactly the kind of strong leader we need in Washington, D.C. in these challenging times. He is a man of conscience and principle, heart and spirit, who by his life’s commitments to social justice and building strong communities, understands what is at stake in ensuring the preservation of our freedoms and the well-being of this nation and is prepared to fight for the principles and values on which this nation was founded.

He also understands that our nation's and Arizona’s greatest strength is found in the talent and diversity of our people. That is why Herb believes it is so important to invest in health care and in our schools and in small business, and to use our tax dollars responsibly by investing in Arizona and investing in America.

Herb offers the kind of fresh, pragmatic leadership that we desperately need in Washington.

As an active member of his community, a family man, and an entrepreneur, Herb Paine understands the importance of civic engagement and the need for inclusion in addressing and solving community issues. His sense of urgency about threats to the well-being and safety of our society have compelled him to do his part to serve Arizona and the Nation, to speak out on behalf of the people in our community, and to put his energy behind his ideas by running for Congress.

Herb is a strong advocate for using our tax dollars responsibly, to ensure that the legacy of our parents is passed on to our children and grandchildren, that they are endowed with a better, safer, and more prosperous America.

As a candidate for the United States Congress, Herb Paine is fighting for the people of the 3rd Congressional District – from Phoenix to Black Canyon City, from Cave Creek and Carefree to Anthem and Paradise Valley.

We need Herb Paine to represent District 3 in the U.S. Congress.

Image of Harry Mitchell

Harry Mitchell



In what has to be the biggest shock (but not necessarily surprise considering how unpopular J.D. is and how popular Harry is) of the July reporting period, Congressman J.D. Hayworth’s opponent – Harry Mitchell – has outraised him AND every other Arizonan running for the U.S. House! check out my previous post for numbers

From the Mitchell Campaign:

U.S. Congressional candidate Harry Mitchell raised $561,654.15 in the second quarter, besting his opponent and giving the Mitchell campaign $666,476.15 total cash on hand.

“There is overwhelming support for a candidate who will put the interests of Arizona ahead of their own political agenda,” said Mitchell.

According to Federal Elections Commission filings, 12-year incumbent U.S. Rep. J.D. Hayworth raised a total of $525,665.50 in the second quarter.

Mitchell has now raised a total of $774,863.15 through the FEC’s June 30 filing period. Mitchell entered the Congressional race in late March, and raised $213,000 in less than two weeks before the first quarter’s March 31 filing deadline.

Yes folks, no matter what the GOP or J.D. say, this is a real race.

I can’t wait to hear how J.D. or his campaign will respond to being outraised. Probably something about “liberal special interests”, or how the money is clearly coming from “Illegal Immigrants”.


Image of Bill Winter

Bill Winter



My name is Bill Winter and I'm running for Congress against Tom Tancredo in Colorado's Congressional District 6.

As a candidate, I'm often told to be careful about what I say so that it is not used against me by my opponents. To that advice I say this--caution is not something I learned in the Marine Corps and the Navy. The Marines are not cautious. The Marines charge in where even angels fear to tread and that is something I will never change about myself.

Bill Winter's diary :: :: I am tired of cautious candidates and people who don't stand up for what our Nation is supposed to stand for. I'm tired of people who pander to various groups every two years but then do nothing when those people really need them.

Where was caution in 1776 when patriots stood up against the greatest military in the world with nothing more than muskets? Where was caution on the ridge at Gettysburg when men died for the idea that a nation could exist to provide freedom? Where was caution in 1944 when Americans went up the beach at Normandy or Tarawa or Iwo Jima? And where is caution today when young Marines walk patrol in the streets of Fallujah and Najaf?

I will NOT be cautious. I will stand up for what I believe. I will stand up for America and for equality and for human rights.

If ever there was an inalienable right, surely it must be the right to make your own choices about what happens to your own body, what happens between you and your doctor, and what happens between you and your own family members!

If ever the pursuit of happiness meant anything, surely it must mean the right to live with someone you love and cherish with the full protection of the law, no matter what their gender may be!

If ever the right to life meant anything, surely it must mean the right to see a doctor and get medication, and not suffer and die simply because you can't afford to!

And if ever the right to liberty meant anything, surely it must mean the right to expect your government to obey the law and not intrude on your telephone lines, your computer, and into your bedrooms and libraries and churches!

"We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal."

Either you believe it....or you don't! There can be no middle ground! Either you stand for America and the Constitution and freedom for ALL, or you don't!

Image of Patty Weiss

Patty Weiss



Patty Weiss has an impressive grasp of the issues, intelligent solutions that make sense, top drawer progressive values and widespread support in her district and beyond.

Ms. Weiss is entering politics following 34 years as a highly distinguished journalist. As the first woman evening news anchor in Arizona, Patty delivered prime time newscasts at the top-rated NBC affiliate in Tucson for 30-years.

In viewer polls, Patty consistently received high marks for integrity and honesty, not only for the credibility she earned in journalism, but also for the service she offered the community and the people of Southern Arizona. Polls show leads the pack for name recognition and favorable impressions of her as a community professional.

As a leader in community development, for example, Patty served as Vice president of Tucson Tomorrow. This group of the city’s top leaders and activists facilitated a collaborative effort to address major local issues, including transportation, water, economic growth and environmental concerns. Patty has also served on the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona.

Weiss has given tirelessly of her time in the field of education, serving the University of Arizona on advisory boards for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences; Department of Journalism; Institute for Children, Youth and Families; and Department of Psychiatry. She was a Trustee of Green Fields Country Day School and works with the Tucson Unified School District on community outreach.

A strong advocate for the mentally ill, Patty is a founding trustee of the Institute for Mental Health Research, a groundbreaking statewide collaborative effort. She is also a founding member of an advisory panel working with the University of Arizona College of Medicine as it creates the Center for Human Neurosciences and the Institute for Psychiatry and Clinical Neurology.

In addition to her civic efforts, Patty’s own life experience has brought her in touch with the needs of her community. For many years Patty was a single parent raising two sons, so she understands the difficulties facing families in these circumstances.

Patty Weiss has acquired three decades worth of awards. These include recognition as a YWCA Woman on the Move, Altrusa International of Tucson Leader in Service, and commendation for her work with the Arizona Women’s Town Hall. This spring, the University of Arizona Alumni Association will name her Alumna of the Year from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. She was also honored with the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Silver Circle Lifetime Achievement Award.

Weiss has lived in Tucson since she was seven years old. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Arizona with honors in journalism and minors in political science and economics.

In 2000, she married Dr. Alan Gelenberg, Professor and Head of Psychiatry at the University of Arizona, an internationally acknowledged scholar and, as a medical officer, a 6-year member of the U.S. Army Reserves. Together, Patty and her husband are the proud parents of five grown children.

Image of Earl Pomeroy

Earl Pomeroy




The Almanac of American Politics calls Representative Earl Pomeroy "articulate, cheerful and sincere," a description that reflects Pomeroy's North Dakota roots. The Bismarck Tribune echoes this sentiment, saying Pomeroy is a "billboard for North Dakota values." Earl was FIRST ELECTED IN 1992 AS NORTH DAKOTA'S ONLY MEMBER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, and in the decade since then, has emerged in Congress as a substantive leader with common-sense solutions for everyday problems.

Pomeroy was born in Valley City, North Dakota on September 2, 1952. He attended Valley City State University before transferring to the University of North Dakota (UND) where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, and his law degree in 1979.

Pomeroy then returned to his hometown and practiced law for five years. In 1980, he was elected to the State House of Representatives and elected State Insurance Commissioner in 1984. During his tenure as Insurance Commissioner, he served as President of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Pomeroy makes his home in Mandan, North Dakota, with his two children, Kathryn and Scott.

Current Office: U.S. Representative; District: At-Large First Elected: 11/03/1992; Last Elected: 11/02/2004 Committees: Agriculture [House] Ways and Means [House]

Birth date: 09/02/1952 Birthplace: Valley City, ND Home City: Bismark, ND Religion: Presbyterian Education: JD, University of North Dakota, 1979 Attended, University of Durham, England, 1975-1976 BA, Political Science, University of North Dakota, 1974 Attended, Valley State University, 1970-1971.

Professional Experience: Attorney. Political Experience: Representative, United States House of Representatives, 1992-present North Dakota Insurance Commissioner, 1984-1993 Representative, North Dakota House of Representatives, 1980-1984 Democratic Regional Whip, United States House of Representatives.

Organizations: President, National Association of Insurance Commissioners, 1990 North Dakota Bar Association, 1979 Co-Chair, Friends of Norway Co-Chair, Impact Aid Coalition National Guard and Reserve Component Organization.

Caucuses/Non-Legislative Committees: Airpower Caucus Congressional Caucus on Unfunded Mandates Congressional Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus Co-Chair, Congressional Northern Border Caucus Congressional Rural Caucus Co-Chair, Democratic Budget Group Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Co-Chair, Democratic Task Force on Social Security Democratic Steering Committee House Co-Chair, Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Congressional Caucus Older Americans Caucus Co-Chair, Senate-House Steering Committee on Retirement Security Steering Committee, Rural Health Care Coalition Co-Chair, World Trade Organization Caucus for Farmers and Ranchers.

Image of Jim Hansen

Jim Hansen



Born Nov. 5, 1959, in Idaho Falls to Orval and June Hansen.

Attended grade school in Idaho Falls, then moved with his family in 1969 to Arlington, Va., after his father was elected to represent Idaho's 2nd District in the U.S. Congress.

Graduated from College of William and Mary in 1982 and the University of Idaho College of Law (1985).

Worked as a ranger-naturalist in Yellowstone National Park, interned for Idaho Attorney General Jim Jones in 1984, was a law clerk for Chief Justice Charles Donaldson on the Idaho Supreme Court from 1985 to 1986.

PRACTICED LAW with the firm Givens, McDevitt, Pursley, Webb & Buser from 1986 to 1991, focusing primarily on water and natural resource issues.

ELECTED TO THE IDAHO LEGISLATURE in 1988, representing Southeast Boise. Re-elected in 1990 and 1992. Voluntarily retired in 1994.

Married Joan Cartan-Hansen in Stanley in 1990. Daughter Samantha was born in 1991 and son Harrison in 1995.

Served as Acting Director of the Office of Conflict Management Services at Boise State University from 1992 to 1994.

Founded a small business, the nonprofit organization United Vision for Idaho in 1995 and serves as its executive director. He currently is on sabbatical from that position.

Served as President of the Rotary Club of Boise-Sunrise 2004-2005.

Awarded the prestigious "Leadership for a Changing World Award" by the Ford Foundation in 2005 with his colleagues at United Vision for Idaho.

Total: 0.00

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