Contribute Now to Battleground Senate Races

by Project to Turn the Red States Blue


Current polls as of 11/3 show that the following candidates are involved in the most competitive, promising races. ALL OF THESE RACES ARE CRITICAL in order to take the Senate. In each case, your support, no matter how large or small, can make the difference.

Also, if you have not visited and joined their phone calling effort, I urge you to do so. I am participating myself and I can say that it really is not as odious as you may think if you see yourself as "not a sales type." I'm not either, but the script is short, soft-ware driven, simple and does NOT involve hard selling. Between now and Tuesday they are shooting for another quarter-million calls, which is entirely doable if they continue to get recruits jumping on board for even just a couple dozen or so calls each spread over the next couple of days.

Image of Harold Ford, Jr.

Harold Ford, Jr.


This seat is open due to Republican Bill Frist's decision to retire from the Senate (potentially for a White House run in '08?).

Tennessee typically runs Republican, giving Harold Ford a fight against Bob Corker (R), despite Ford's Washington experience as US Representative.

Corker and those supporting him have run a vicious campaign against Congressman Ford, including the racist ad that has deservedly attracted so much attention. However, in TN that ad has deplorably given Corker a bounce.

Despite Ford's participation in the current Congress, he does represent change, which will only come about through increased Democratic representation. And Ford's presence in Bill Frist's seat in the Senate will be crucial to change.

As of 11/3, Corker is running 3-5% ahead Ford. Your support is critical in this election.

Image of Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill


McCaskill is engaged in an extremely competitive battle with incumbent James Talent in the land of John Ashcroft.

You may recognize this race as the one that triggered the attacks of Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the right against Michael J. Fox for his advocacy of stem cell research and Ms. McCaskill, who supports this cause.

McCaskill and Talent are running neck and neck at 47% each as of 11/3.

This is a vital opportunity to pick up a Senate seat, but the race is on the bubble. Your support is incredibly important.

Image of James Webb

James Webb


Unbelievably, George "macaca" Allen continues to run neck and neck (47% each) with James Webb in the polls. This battle is not over but it is entirely winnable. Your support can make the difference.

Image of Jon Tester

Jon Tester


Tester's lead over Conrad Burns, the single largest Senate recipient of Abramoff's financial support, is a miniscule 3%. This is amazing. How much corruption and rubber-stamping of bad national security and fiscal policy decisions does one have to engage in before being booted from public office?

As a vet and the MT State Senate's President who led the development of a democratic majority in MT (!), Tester is a winning candidate.

Please end the nightmare of Conrad Burns in the Senate and help pick up this seat with Jon Tester.

Image of Jim Pederson

Jim Pederson


Incumbent Kyl's lead has shrunk to 5-9% from double that in the past few weeks. Help cut the balance and bring Jim the victory we need in AZ, the second-fastest growing state in the country (after NV).

Image of Ned Lamont

Ned Lamont


As of 11/3, Leiberman leads Lamont 48% to 39%. There are still democrats and independents currently siding with Leiberman who can be swung with advertising. Paul Newman has jumped on Lamont's bandwagon. I hear from within the Lamont camp that this fight is much closer than it appears and will be fought right down to the wire. Even Leiberman is hedging his bets by saying he expects it to tighten, and it is. Lamont is on the march around the state and paid mercenary Leiberthugs have been hounding to breakup Labor candlelight vigils and prevent Lamont from getting off his bus. Leiberman devotes his time to whining about being tagged as the candidate to choose for "more war," as if it isn' true, and soaking up as much Right-wing funds as possible.

This race is also extremely symbolic because it demonstrates to the nation that the most senior, entrenched politicans can be seriously challenged for rubberstamping the Iraq War, attacks on rights and freedoms, tax cuts for the wealthy as well as for deriding peer democrats for opposing the President.

And it's still winnable! Dig deep, folks.

If you haven't contributed to this race yet, now is your time.

Leiberman has intimated he may switch to Republican; even if he doesn't, you know he will vote like one when it counts.

RI-Sen General Election Fund


Sheldon Whitehouse is likely to take the primary quite handily, but we may as well put our contributions into the general fund, since it'll go to the winner anyway.

Image of Bob Menendez

Bob Menendez


Incumbent Menendez is leading Tom Kean Jr. by a margin of 48% to 42%. This margin is still too close to call.

This seat cannot be lost!

MD-Sen General Election Fund


Both the Democratic and Republican nominations in MD are being heavily contested, with primaties scheduled for 9/12. For some reason, despite MD's strong Democrat leanings, a democrat victory here is not considered a lock.

Image of Ben Cardin

Ben Cardin


Cardin currently has a 49-44% edge. The NYT reported today, 11/4, that GOP is pouring money into this race this weekend as one of the few remaining GOP seat takeover opportunities.

This seat is not secure. Your support can be the difference here.

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