Contribute Now to Please Stand Up to Acts of Vandalism Against the Democratic Party

by Alaska Democratic Party

Unfortunately, vandals attacked the Alaska Democratic this last weekend.

The Anchorage Police Department concluded that a crowbar was used to break the front window of our Headquarters Office.

Was it a coincidence that our offices were vandalized on the same day Sarah Palin gave her televised speech? Words have consequences. While we all have freedom of speech, our freedom of speech does not negate our obligation to choose our words responsibly. We are not calling on anyone to “sit down and shut-up.” We are however, calling on everyone, across the political spectrum, to raise the discussion to the level that Alaskans and all Americans really deserve.

We will not be intimidated by this act. We will redouble our efforts to build our economy, create jobs, and support Alaskans as they exercise their fundamental rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But we need your help as we pay for the damage and buy security cameras to protect our employees and building going forward.

The amount we need to raise is $4,000 .

Would you please help us by providing a donation of $10, $15, or $25?