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Please Donate to the Ventura County Democratic Party.
100% of your donation will be used to elect Democrats to public office and further the causes of importance to Democrats, Progressives and Independents.

Donations are used for: voter registration, issue education, candidate recruitment and education, slate cards, mailers, door hangers, phone banking, Democratic Club support, membership drives, and candidate support.

There are several ways to donate to the party:

  1. One-time contribution of any amount.
  2. Donate Every Month program (DEM) takes monthly donations that form the foundation for all the Democratic Political work done in Ventura County. DEM donations run from as little as $5.00, $20.00 or $50.00 every month to thousands. Whatever you can afford is wonderful as donators find this to be a comfortable means of making regular donations without making a dent in their personal budgets. If you choose this option make sure to select the button labelled "I want to make a recurring donation" and select the "monthly" option.
  3. Large bequest from individuals or organizations.
Every donation helps no matter how large, or small. Together we make a difference and bring both hope and change to America.

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