Contribute Now to SOS! We need to continue fundraising to keep our recent lead! Vote NO on Prop 8!

by Vickie and Melanie


Prop 8 will change the California Constitution to treat gay and lesbian couples differently. Most of my friends assume that "there's no way it will pass, California is so liberal."
WE ARE BEHIND IN THE POLLS: 47 to 42. If we lose California, it will be extremely difficult to even start a marriage campaign in other states. Both sides' experts agree on that.
Anti-gay groups have raised dramatically more money than we have: $27M vs. $19M. They're raising nationwide, to seize this opportunity to kill gay marriage before it can spread. This money is funding a massive ad campaign to sway voters: see an example.
We need your help to catch up. Give your gay and lesbian friends the joy of marriage, just like everyone else.
Your donation sends our message to undecided voters!
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  • $5,000 Twice during "The Daily Show" in Los Angeles
  • $2,500 Twice during "The Daily Show" in San Francisco
  • $1,000 During the presidential debate in Sacramento
  • $500 During "Dr. Phil" in San Diego
  • $125 During "Heroes" in Palm Springs
  • $50 In a small TV market in Spanish
THANK YOU!!!- In solidarity, Vickie and Melanie Champagne and mermaids at the RitzSo happy together!Is it my hand, or hers?So in Love!

Equality for All