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Only 12 More Seats to Win the HOUSE! This year's election cycle, Virginia has eight Congressional races out of 11 Congressional Districts. We need to preserve the three seats we currently have and win all the races to become the NEW MAJORITY for Virginia.

On Sunday night's (9/26/04) conference call which featured 6 of 8 candidates running. David Ashe, a candidate for Virginia Second congressional district, pointed out that if we each pitch in just $10 we can energize congressional campaigns ALL across the state.

The latest polls show that Bush is ahead by only 2 points in Virginia -- and that also means that our congressional candidates have a real chance to pick up seats statewide. But they need money to fund ads and to fight the money the Republicans are pouring in to the state.

Here's how you can help:

1) Start right here.

2) Pick a candidate and contribute $10. (Have a few extra bucks? Pick more than one.)

3) Throw in a few bucks for the actblue guys who make this site possible. (They are grad students who are taking the semester off to make this site available to us.)

4) Let your friends know about this website. You can help send the link to the page to your friends, your Yahoo! groups, your MeetUp lists, and all the Democrats you know & ask them to give $10 at this site.

We're all tapped out. But, $10 is a small price to pay to Turn Virginia Blue. Pack lunch this week, skip Starbucks, or run your credit card bill up a few bucks. Our future -- and the future of our children-- is worth it!!

Make your contribution today.

Thank YOU for your support.

Image of David Ashe

David Ashe


David Ashe: Democratic Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives 2nd Congressional District of Virginia. He is challenging State Del. Thelma Drake who replaced incumbent Rep. Ed Schrock (R) for his seat. This district was held by Democrats until 2000 when Ed Schrock won the election. Now, it is the time for Democrats to to take back this District to Dems and help David Ashe win his election! David Ashe is running his campaign on a string budget, so, every little bit you can help his campaign - helps him to do GOTV, phone banking etc.

Thelma Drake has the name recognition in this district, however, despite her name - the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 2924 decided to endorse David Ashe instead of Thelma Drake, because of her no compromise position when she voted against Gov. Mark Warner tax increases plan.

David Ashe is a former Marine. He left active duty in September of 2001. While he was with the Marine, David provided general practice legal services to Marines, soldiers, sailors and their families for two years. For the next two years after that, David, was in the court-room, trying hundreds of cases in courts-martial.

During his seven years of active duty, whether stationed in the U.S. or deployed to Iraq, as a Marine Corps officer he has only one job: Make Things Happen.

Virginia's 2nd Congressional District, which includes all of Virginia Beach, part of Norfolk, part of Hampton and all of Virginia's Eastern Shore, needs a congressional representative like David Ashe to make things happen. It is not enough to walk a safe line of compliance with one's political party.

Image of Bobby Scott

Bobby Scott


For many years, Congressman Robert C. "Bobby" Scott (D) running unopposed, however this election cycle, he will face challenger Winsome Sears (R). Kerry's ability to win Virginia depends on Bobby Scott's ability to carry his district again. The RNC is "loaded", and they will not hesitate to drop money for his opponent at the last minute - should they want to. Bobby needs the funds to fund media, GOTV, phone banking and other campaign activities to help Kerry and Bobby win Virginia. It's a joint campaign after all.

Bobby Scott was the State Chairman for Howard Dean presidential campaign. He is progressive, courageous and stand on issues that matter most for the little guys. In Congress, he has championed several successful legislative initiatives. He is among the few democrats who voted against Iraq war and Patriot Act.

In 1997, Rep. Scott led a key fight to protect the rights of all children with disabilities by ensuring a free and appropriate education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). He also sponsored the Death in Custody Act that was signed into law on October 17, 2000. It requires states to report information regarding the death of any person who is in the process of being arrested, or in the custody of law enforcement officials. He is also known in Congress as a champion of the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights.

Bobby Scott began his Congressional career in November 1992 and running for seventh term. He is the second African American from Virginia to be elected to the United States House of Representatives, and the first since the "Reconstruction" era. He is the only American with Filipino heritage to serve in the United States Congress.

Image of Jonathan Menefee

Jonathan Menefee


Jonathan Menefee (D) is challenging incumbent Rep. Randy Forbes (R).

Jonathan Menefee represents a new generation of leaders for the Democratic Party. He started to get involved in politics in college where he served as Senator for the Student Government of Catawba College. Later on he joined John Edwards campaign as a field volunteer and quickly rose through the ranks to become Edwards' campaign Field Director for Manchester, New Hampshire.

Jonathan believes that America and the 4th District of Virginia should always be places where a determined person can buy a home, save for retirement, start a business and afford to send their kids to college.

Image of Al Weed

Al Weed


Al Weed (D) is challenging incumbent Rep. Virgil Goode (R). Rep. Virgil Goode confused which party he belongs to, that he changed his party affiliations twice, from democrat to independent to republican!

Al Weed is one of the Dean dozen. He has a unique background. He is a farmer, soldier and Statesman. He is also a wine pioneer. He founded Virginia's oldest winery, Mountain Cove Vineyards. Thanks to Al, today Virginia has over 80 farm wineries and dozens of commercial vineyards because he had the vision to see that a new kind of farming could work in the Commonwealth. Al led efforts to create the laws that have made Virginia's wine industry the most copied in America.

Al spent over forty-two years as an enlisted man, rising to the rank of Command Sergeant Major (CSM), which he had held for over twenty years when he retired in 2002. For most of his career he served in Army and Joint Special Operations, serving as the senior non-commissioned officer at every level from A-Detachment to Special Operations Command.

In addition to being a community leader for many organizations, Al has worked to keep the public informed of local and state government issues, making sure Virginia citizens have a voice in decisions that ultimately affect them.

Image of Jim Moran

Jim Moran


Having survived a rough primary, incumbent Rep. Jim Moran (D) will now face challenger Lisa Marie Cheney.

Jim Moran has been a Civic Leader for 30 years, beginning with his election to the Alexandria City Council in 1979. Jim went on to serve as Vice Mayor of the city from 1982 to 1984, and was elected Mayor in 1985. He led an economic recovery in the city while reducing taxes.

In 1990, Jim decided to run for Congress in the 8th District of Virginia where he has served the people for seven terms.

As a Congressional Representative of Northern Virginia, Jim has strived to work for improved transportation, a better environment, quality schools and health care. He is the chief sponsor of many notable bills, resolutions, and amendments in support of federal employees, women's issues, high tech, fair and open trade, and fiscal discipline. Jim has shown leadership in protecting federal employee and military retiree benefits, and leading the effort to provide greater access to health care for everyone. Jim continues to secure billions of dollars of vital federal funding for the Eighth District of Virginia. His position in congress has significantly improved the region’s prosperity marked by the stat’s lowest unemployment rate of 2.2 percent.

Image of Rick Boucher

Rick Boucher


Incumbent Rep. Rick Boucher is facing challenger Kevin Triplett (R).

Rick Boucher is serving his eleventh term in the U.S. House of Representatives representing Virginia's Ninth Congressional District.

He is a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, serving on two subcommittees - Telecommunications and the Internet; and Energy and Air Quality, of which he is the ranking member. He also sits on the House Judiciary Committee, serving on the Courts, the Internet and Intellectual Property Subcommittee.

Congressman Boucher originated the House Internet Caucus in 1996 and currently serves as one of two House co-chairman of the more than 170 member group. In that position he is a leading architect of federal policy for Information Technology and the Internet.

His first Internet related legislation, which became law in 1993, authorized electronic commerce by permitting for the first time messages with commercial content to traverse the Internet backbone.

His proposals to promote competition in the cable and local telephone industries are at the core of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

Rick's Showcasing Southwest Virginia program has brought more than 3,000 technology related jobs to his Congressional district in recent years.

Image of James Socas

James Socas


James Socas (D) is challenging incumbent Rep. Frank Wolf (R), has been representing conservative views for more than 20 years. Frank Wollf has been wearing the moderate cloth to cover up his conservative views. It's time for a change!

James Socas is one the Dean dozen candidates.

Until a couple of years ago, James's life looked a lot like yours. He was focused on raising his family, contributing to his community, and doing well in his job.

But like so many Americans, September 11th and the war on terror changed his perspective. He decided that he wanted to give back more. He left the business world to go into public service as a staff member of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee.

Image of Ken Longmyer

Ken Longmyer


Kenneth Longmeyer (D) is challenging incumbent Rep. Tom Davis (R).

Ken is a John Kerry - Mark Warner Democrat who stands ready to provide support in Congress for a Kerry-Edwards Administration. Under the current Administration directions, America is paying a heavy price for misguided and mismanaged domestic and foreign policies.

As a former Foreign Service Officer, Ken understands how problematic our Foreign Policies are and he offers the voters of the 11th Congressional District decades of hands-on domestic and international experience.

Image of DCCC


Help DCCC financed targeted races nationwide. Your contribution will go a long way to help Democrats win BACK Congress!

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