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This Thursday, November 8th, President Bush is arriving in Texas for two secretive invite-only fundraisers for Sen. John Cornyn. Last Thursday, Dick Cheney was in Texas for his own secret fundraising for John Cornyn.

This is the same John Cornyn who has refused to challenge President Bush on his failed policy in Iraq, or on his anti-veteran stances. From failing to question the wisdom of the troop surge to voting against Dwell Time for our overextended troops, John Cornyn has been nothing but a rubber stamp for the President.

We need new leadership in the Senate. Afghanistan Veteran Rick Noriega brings the right experience and temperament to challenge these failed policies. As the only Iraq or Afghanistan veteran running for the Senate, it’s even more important that we stand up to Bush mega-donors, and help put a true leader, like Rick Noriega, in the Senate.

It’s time to elect Rick Noriega for Texas!

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