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One of our veterans in Congress, Chris Carney, is going to be targeted by big moneyed interests because of his vote for health care reform, and we need to be there to defend him!

Chris has proudly served our country as a member of the United States Navy Reserve since 1995. Recently promoted to commander, Chris has served multiple tours overseas and was activated for operations Enduring Freedom, Noble Eagle, and Southern Watch.

Since you helped him get to Congress in 2006, he has worked tirelessly to improve benefits for our service men and women, help ease their transition to civilian life and bring recognition to their sacrifices. He introduced legislation to extend the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill to veterans activated on homeland security missions and domestic emergencies. He championed a bill to provide monthly housing stipends to veterans pursuing their education via distance learning. His vote for health care reform is extremely important to veterans, given recent reports that thousands of veterans have died because of lack of insurance.

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