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Winning a race for public office is hard - especially when candidates have extensive military experience, but little practical political experience. That's why the key to building a long-term, progressive cadre of national leaders with on-the-ground foreign policy experience is to have a "deep bench," as they say in sports. We have to help veterans gain political experience in lower-level office, some of whom one day may then be called to run for higher office.

So today, we'd like to introduce you to two of what we call our "Emerging Leaders". We'd also like to ask you to help put them in office by donating to their campaigns.

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Aaron Bailey


Aaron Bailey is a 1999 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, and served as an Airborne and Ranger-qualified Infantry officer. In 2007, while pursuing his MBA at the University of Michigan, Aaron was recalled to active duty and earned a Bronze Star while deployed to Afghanistan with a Special Operations Task Force. Since completing graduateschool, Aaron has worked in the private sector as a business strategyconsultant. Aaron Bailey is the Michigan State Captain for, and is a true champion for national security, economic growth, and protecting the middle class.

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Ruben Gallego


Ruben Gallego was enlisted combat Marine veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom along the Syrian border. Gallego is the son of Hispanic immigrants; he became the first in his family to attend college when accepted to Harvard University. He has worked to educate elected officials about the national security benefits of reducing Climate Change, ending "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and comprehensive immigration reform. The district Ruben is running for is in the City of Phoenix.

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