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If you think Congressman Joe Wilson screaming, “You Lie!” to the President of the United States was a low moment in a town full of low moments, then there’s a great way to fight back…. with an Iraq War Veteran.

Former Marine Rob Miller is taking on Wilson, after coming relatively close to beating him in this conservative district in 2008. To win it this time, and send Joe Wilson packing, it’s going to take money.

By clicking above, you can both donate to Rob Miller’s campaign, and to PAC. It’s important that you give to both – because without enough funds, PAC won’t be able to play in this race. We won’t be able to run ads. We won’t be able to keep Joe Wilson honest, or send mail to residents in the district.

So, if you were as appalled as we all were last night, then do something about it. Help out Rob Miller and PAC! Thanks for your support.

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