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There is a lot of attention right now on the elections of 2010, but did you know that before then there will be an extremely important election in Central New York, to fill the seat of Republican Representative John McHugh, who is vacating his seat to become Secretary of the Army?

Let's send another great veteran to Congress to represent this district – Bill Owens. This is a race we veterans have to win, and he needs your help.

In 2006, we helped Patrick Murphy, Joe Sestak, Tim Walz, and Chris Carney become the first veterans of the Iraq/Afghanistan era to go to Congress. Then, we added John Boccieri, Eric Massa, and Gary Peters, as well as Vietnam veteran Walt Minnick. Together, they’ve made a difference, and brought to Congress the credible voice needed to fight for a change of course in our foreign and military policies. Now, if we can add Bill Owens to the mix, their voice will be even stronger.

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Bill Owens


Bill served in the Air Force as a Captain, following a great tradition in his family. His great grandfather served in the Civil War, his uncle in World War I and his father served in World War II. He understands the seriousness of war and why it is only a last resort. He understands the sacred trust and duty we have to care for our veterans.

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