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This week, candidates went two-for-two in Pennsylvania, and now we’re on the cusp of adding the first Afghanistan veteran to the Senate, and another Iraq war veteran to the House! We need you to get in the fight, and send these two veterans to victory!

Both Joe Sestak and Manan Trivedi ran tough campaigns, pushing right past the political machine and taking their message to the people. When they first announced their candidacies, political watchers said they had no chance. But, with your help, they shocked the political world, and now are just one election away from bringing progressive, independent voices to the Senate and House.

Now, their campaigns aren’t done. They each have a very tough general election fight. Joe Sestak will face off against one of the farthest right-wing candidates ever to run in Pennsylvania. If you liked Rick Santorum, you’ll love Joe’s opponent in November. Manan is running in the swing 6th District of Pennsylvania, against Jim Gerlach, a longtime Washington insider who supported George W. Bush’s misguided war in Iraq – a war that Manan fought in.

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