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In Georgia, we have decided to endorse Jim Martin in his race to win the United States Senate seat against Saxby Chambliss. You might remember Chambliss won his seat with a degrading campaign against Vietnam war hero, Max Cleland, and this is our shot to take the seat back for veterans. But, that's not the only reason to defeat Chambliss. The greatest reason is that we can put a real friend of veterans into office!

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Jim Martin


From 1969-1971, Jim Martin served in the U.S. Army, reaching the rank of Lieutenant, and did a tour in Vietnam.

Since then, Jim has continued his public service to this nation, serving as Chief Legal Counsel of the Public Defender system in Georgia, Commissioner of Human Resources for the State, and years in the State Legislature where he authored and developed consensus on and passed more than 60 major pieces of reform legislation in the areas of healthcare, family law, civil and criminal justice, education, probate, business law, environmental law, labor law and tax policy. Jim Martin is extremely close to winning this race and can use every bit of help.

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