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Over the past week, you’ve heard talk from some on the far-right that some progressives might not be “pro-America.” Well, these veterans are about as “pro-America” as it gets. They are exactly the type of people we need in our Congress. Let’s stand behind them, and help them get there!

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Jill Morgenthaler


Jill Morgenthaler is running for the same seat Tammy Duckworth did in 2006, against Rep. Peter Roskam in Illinois. Jill has an incredible chance to win this seat, and bring the type of pro-troop, pro-veteran policies we need. Jill is a Bronze Star and Legion of Merit recognized veteran, committed to continuing her public service by representing the working families of the 6th Congressional District of Illinois. As a retired Army officer with 30 years of experience, she has worked extensively in command centers in Korea, Berlin, Bosnia, and Iraq.

Image of Walt Minnick

Walt Minnick


Walt Minnick served as a 1st Lieutenant in the Army in the Vietnam war, and then came to Idaho to continue his life of service. He’s now running for Congress in the First District of Idaho, on a strong pro-veteran, pro-troop platform that also calls for redeploying from Iraq. Walt is former chair of the College of Idaho board of trustees, and served as chair of the Boise State University Business School Advisory Council, and co-founder and board member of the Idaho Business Coalition for Education Excellence, a group of Idaho business leaders dedicated to improving education in the state. He has also served in leadership roles in many other civic, charitable and business organizations.

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