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In 2006, with your help, was able to help elect four of America’s newest veterans to Congress. Since coming to Washington, Reps. Patrick Murphy, Joe Sestak, Tim Walz, and Chris Carney have made a name for themselves, and helped shape the national debate for the better with their authority and credibility.

Now imagine what things will be like if we can send them a number of reinforcements. It’s a tough week ahead to get there, but we can, and we will, with your help. From coast-to-coast,’s endorsed candidates are looking incredibly strong. But they still need some last minute help.

Today, we’d like to make a last-minute pitch for you to help one of those veterans – Gary Peters, who is running in Michigan’s Ninth District. At the same time, we’d also like to make a special request to send some help to a great Marine and fellow Vietnam Veteran, Jack Murtha, in his re-election.

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Gary Peters


Gary Peters served as a Lieutenant Commander and a Seabee Combat Warfare Specialist in the United States Navy Reserve. His reserve duty included time in the Persian Gulf supporting Operation Southern Watch, and he served overseas during increased military activity following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. During his service he received numerous awards and citations, including the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal and the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal.

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John Murtha


We all know the kind of grit that Jack Murtha has shown in Congress, for years. Because Jack is one tough customer, the other side has decided to do what they do best – smear him. This strategy started years ago, on the floor of the House, when one of his colleagues from the other side of the aisle went down to the floor and called Jack - a Marine and Vietnam Veteran - a “coward” who wanted to “cut and run.” And, that strategy of slime continues today with even more ferocity. Jack is in a tough race this year because of it, and he needs our help.

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