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by Mark Miller

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Tonight, Scott Walker will take stage at the Republican National Convention to try and spin his shameful record as Wisconsin's Governor. Here's what you won't hear in his speech.

You won't hear him talk about the hundreds of thousands of people who protested against his anti-worker Budget Repail Bill.

You won't hear him mentioning the prank phone call he fell for, in which in he admitted that he considered planting 'troublemakers' in the crowds at those protests.

You won't hear about his 'divide and conquer' strategy for public sector unions that he shared with billionaire, Diane Hendricks.

And you certainly won't hear him mention that Wisconsin has the worst job creation in the nation due to his failed policies that benefit only the richest among us.

What you will hear is Scott Walker touting Wisconsin as ground zero for Tea Party extremists all across nation. He'll tell you the the GOP is going to sweep our state and turn it red. Make no mistake, they fully intend to put all their resources and corporate dollars into taking back the majority in the Wisconsin state senate.

We can't let that happen. Your donation of $7 or $17 will keep us at 17 seats.

State Senate Democratic Committee (WI)

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